Boca Inlet September 29 2005
Courtesy of Matt-- ( Nice Fish Matt )
I scored a 20+ pound permit September 29, 12lb test, 25lb Leader, dead shrimp walking in the surf, OMG ! I was just down there goofing around, I forgot my line clippers and the only weight I have is the one on my pole, first 10 minutes I hook a freight train, didn't have the drag set loose enough and bang there goes my rig ! Got on the scooter and beat it on home for some lead and line clippers, get back to the beach, 10 minutes later, another heavy fish on, takes some drag and the hook pulls, oh well, at least there's some action out here.
Rebait, couple minutes later, ka freakin blam, I set up on him real hard ad he takes off and 3/4 spools me, I was gettin nervous, but he cooled out and I start haulin my line back in, I get most of it and I see somethin flash in the surf. Well he must've seen me too 'cause he took off with 3/4 of my spool again. K, I know the drill, gettin my line back takes a while, this time when he gets close I can see his dorsal fin, thought it was a sail cat, but quickly realized they don't run like that. As quick as I could think Permit, he took off with a whole bunch of my line again, but I know he doesn't have much left.
Some fellas were hanging out on the beach and one guy offered to leader the fish, took a chance an said OK, go for it. The fish went at least 22 -24 " I didn't even have a camera, a friend of the dude who leadered the fish had one.
The whole time I'm fighting the fish, these guys' dogs are going crazy in the surf around me, talk about fun.
Sorry about the bad scan You can see the dogs eyes on the lower right .

September 3 2005
Courtesy Of Juan ..... aka. KUDA Kinda late. Been busy... awsome day on outgoing tide on 8/28/05.
Nailed over a dozen Snook in the 27in range on my favorite plastic(DOA). Fish the inside jetty and let'r ride tht current out the inlet and prepare for a strike as your unwarey prey approaches the inlet marker. If you can get out far enough, strap on an x-rap mullet and send one "down town", about 50-60 yards past the inlet marker and work it quick on top. Nailed 4 20-25lbs Tarpon using this technique. Had a blast! Also caught a few nice Jack's using the same x-rap and technique on the the southside of the Jetty's just riding the waves. Make sure your drags not too tight! Have fun!! Hooyah!

May 29 2005
Snook, Blue Runners and Jacks were reported for the last few days, when I stopped by there were Jacks and some bait scattered around the inlet.

Jupiter Inlet

Jupiter Beach area October 16 2005
October 16th
Alot of Mullet in the back around bridges and some Snook being Caught on Fingers and Large Shrimp at the Bridges on the ICW.

Courtesy of DaFish1....aka Lewis
October 12th

Jupiter has mullet all over the beaches, caught 3 JC's, a ladyfish; and when we moved inshore a 28" snook, and 3# Flounder. Really heatin up all over the place in the northern part of palm beach county, as for me though, still no blues as of yet!

Jupiter Inlet July 20 2005
Alot of Snook and I mean alot. Snapper,.

July 17 2005
Snook and More Snook, Lots of Jacks and Blue runners and Snapper

May 29 2005
Blue Runners, Jacks, BlueFish, Snook.

Sebastion Inlet and Beaches

September 25 2005
Courtesy of the Junkman
Went to sebastion at arouond 5pm and the reds were out there, but they were over the slot size. Then about 8pm huge tarpon moved in and I lost a whole pack of shor-eze trying to get on off the pier. A lot of people got spooled. It was a pretty good action evening

September 3
Courtesy of Rick..aka....the Trashman thanks for the fishing report.
First week of september caught a nice red at mid pier. plenty of snook got caught and goliath grouper.

Sebastian Inlet and Beaches July 20 2005
Fishermen are reporting catches of
Redfish, Snook (out of season), Pompano, and Flounder along with a few Permit, Bluefish, Mangrove snapper, Muttons and Jack crevalle.

Channel 2 Fishing Reports

Courtesy of Alex, Thanks and Great report, BF... aka Tommy. Hey there BF, just wanted to let you know I fished Channel 5 bridge this morning from 7-11am. I fished most of the out going tide using live shrimp going from piling to piling, water was pea soup green and murky. On the gulf side the macks where busting on the glass minnows for a good two hours so I worked a yellow sidewinder jig losing two jigs due to fat mack cut-offs. These fish looked nice, maybe in the 24" or bigger size range. I went to #3 wire trace but they moved on. I went back to my shrimp catching 6 over 10" mangrove with about 3 smaller ones, a few small yellowtail, an undersized black grouper ( about 14 inches). I caught my fair share of grunts and I also saw a couple of small tripletail hanging out at the surface which was nice to see. Storms started to roll in so I left for the day. I released everything and I'm ready to return soon.

July 29 Channel 2 Bridge
Courtesy of Alex

I fished Channel 2 bridge for 4 hours in the morning. The current seemed to be ripping more than usual and I struggled to catch my five mangroves. I did have fun with the cudas, I saw a few permit with the tarpon under the bridge at tide change. I couldn't find any macks that morning.
July 25 Long Key Bridge
We did great catching our limit of Mangroves all in the 12-15" size range, 4 Yellowtail in the same size range with a lot of little guys released. The star of the day was a nice Hog Snapper close to 5lbs caught on a live shrimp.

June 15 2005
Tarpon as always and alot of Grouper most are 1 inch too short but you are pulling a keeper here and there. Mangrove Snapper underneath the bridge, fish the pilings and Sharks.
Tarpon bite has been on and off at channel 2 but I hear channel 5 is strong as always and they are also getting Mangroves. I know of one Mutton and alot little Groupers and Yellow tails.

May 9 2005
Tarpon Tarpon Tarpon thats right lots of them the bigger ones are at the center and 40+ lbs ones at that ends the smaller always semm to stay around the first six pileings at both ends mangroves and muttons should be moving around at night especially on the new moon phase, snook are here but are out of season now, big macks in the mornnings and super large barracuda and a possible permit in between the bridges.

April 29 2005
Grouper were hitting but not as good as last weekend, also got 2 2lb mangroves, Snook bite was on and bigger snook this weekend, had to release a few because they were to big, also two tarpon 70 or so lbs nice bull sharks a 200lbs and 300lbs approx. Saw some nice big macks at around 9:30am saturday it was clear so they were spooky.

April 22 2005
4 Groupers RELEASED ALL, 2 Snappers "mangrove", 6 Sharks got two in and RELEASED. Lots of little yellowtail. Saw an Osprey 6 feet away Cool.

April 15 2005
4 Snappers "mangroves" 1 Snook 28 inches, Grouper caught 8 and kept two keepers all where 3 to 5 lbs.

Anglins Fishing Pier
October 21 2005
Wednesday Snook bite was good with three keepers and only two people fishing for them, Snapper, whitting, Bluefish, and a few keeper Pompano. Thursday Early Morning One nice Mutton 6.5 lb, 6 lb Porgy, 3lb Mangrove these were caught by eyefish2good, there were other Mangroves caught and Lots of Bluefish and a few keeper Pompano and a snook. Friday a few keeper Pompano, Bluefish, Snapper.

October 18 2005
This past Sunday the 16 Kicked off the Fall, Roofer Dave, Myself and a couple of others got there limit of Mackerel, Pompano or Bluefish or all of the above it was a Great day fishing with solid action from 7:30am to around 9:30am, every cast a Mackerel using yorsuris, gotcha, spoons, you name it the Macks hit it. they wern't real big yet but they were keepers and a couple of 3 lbders.
I saw a couple of big Pompano and a really nice Mangrove, the Mangrove came out of the Trough useing a Troll right with shrimp and they were fishing for Snook, the Grover was about 3 Pounds.
Monday saw some Pompano and Spanish Mackerel and alot of Little Kings. FWC you need to stop by there is alot of small juvenile Pompano going past and the pier could use a look through to get the Googans who are taken them.
Tuesday slowed with keeper Pompano but did have alot of Juveniles. Fishing still is great.

October 9 2005
So fishing has been hot and cold. Only a few Snook over the last two weeks. But there hve been alot of Mangroves in the middle and in the Trough of the pier. Roofer Dave seems to be smashing the Grovers in the Trough. Mackerel have been spotty. Bluefish were around at the end of this week through Friday night Saturday Morning. I did not see any caught on Sunday. On Saturday One nice Spanish was caught by a Fisherman by the name of Jordan " Great Job Jordon " and a few smaller ones and undersize King Mackerel, two small Cobia also. Sunday was slow for the Macks, there were alot of Jacks and some small AJ's "bar Jacks" I caught one Cero and West Coast Danny caught a keeper Snook in the early morning. The Mullet was semi-thick through the night. On Monday the wind is supposed to come around to the North for two days and go to the East this may improve the fishing considerably. Pompano should be here any day in some numbers, they have gotten a few stragglers over the last week.

September 23 2005
Fishing has been slow through the week with Some Mackerel,Jacks, Snapper, Croakers, Sharks. it seems Rita reversed everything that Orthelia did and the current has been moving to the North. Mullet is coming past heading North, Huh

September 15 2005
Lots of Mullet Huge schools, the tarpon have been around with mullet and some small sharks, Bluefish and Mackerel in good numbers at the begining of the week, towards the end of the week the Mackerel bite was strong and bluefish were hitting on friday. The Snook bite has been on and off due to stale current. Water has cleared up and the NE Swells have dissapeared, there is a great sand bar out about 100 feet and sardines have been in the trough. When and if this Ne wind blows sunday fishing should be good.

September 10 2005
Fishing been good with Mackerel and alot of Snook, Mullet is showing up every night and has gotton the Snook turned on, there has been tarpon with the schools of mullet. Small pompano showed up at the weekend and a short Cobia was caught on Sunday with alot of Macks. There is alot of sardines around. And a nice Muton here and there.

September 2 2005
There has been alot of bait. Mutton Snapper everyday alot of short snappers so know the law. The last few days alot of Blue runners and Jacks and Small Snapper Spanish Mackerel and a Bonita on saturday I saw a 20+ lbder swim through, the snook bite has been on and off. August 19 2005
Early in the week Nice Size Yellowtail snapper, Mangroves and muttons up to 6 lbs, alot of bait around. the end of the week slow for Yellowtail and Mutton, but the Mangroves were still around.
I went out Thursday at five in the morning and every cast a keeper Mangrove, released all and had a few macks come up on my artifitials at day break, but they were scittish. Also saw alot of Houndfish chasing my artifitials.
Bait is everywhere Sardines, Pilchard, Goggle Eye, Glass Minnows, Threadfins and even Mullet.

August 12 2005
The entire week goes like this everyday, Keeper Mangroves, Blue runners a mack here and there, Nurse sharks, Rays and Pan fish. A. couple of nice Yellowtails on Monday. There has been alot of bait around Pilchard, Goggleyes, Sardines, Dork jacks, Cuddlefish.

August 5 2005
Snapper have size limits and also Grouper, Know your Laws. Over the weekend early morning Mangroves, Blue runners, Yellow tail "small" and bait. Sunday Hot and Slow. Monday until Thursday Mangroves, Cudas, Runners and Bait.

Anglins Fishing Pier July 29
Snapper, Cudas, Jacks, Blue runners, at the weekend Mangroves have been around from 11:00 at night until daybreak. Tuesday had alot of Mangroves caught quite a few people went home with there limits. Wednesday slowed down some but was still getting Mangroves, Blue runners, Cudas. There has been alot of bait in the daytime and it scatters at night but is still in the lights and bunches back up at Daybreak. Thursday and Friday Morning still was slow with alot of bait around. They did have a nice School of Bonitas come by in the morning of Thursday. Friday Morning Snapper, a few Mackerel, Blue Runners, Cudas and Bait

Anglins Fishing Pier July 20 2005
The weekend had pretty good fishing and I would not have called it because it has been touch and go at this pier. They had Spanish Mackerel, Blue runners, jacks, Blue fish, Snapper, Pompano and Muttons but many of the muttons where too small. Sunday Big jacks 6lb to 10lb, some Spanish Mackerel that where scittish and took some persuading to hit. They also got Snapper and even Pompano and small Muttons. Monday was slow with Blue runners. Tuesday Nice size Keeper Mangroves in the early Morning and small Muttons and scattered Spanish Mackerel and a 25 lb Red Grouper story is below. Wednesday Blue Runners and Snapper Bait was in and out.
Story of the week goes to Anglins 25lb Red grouper and this isn't a Riplys believe it or Not.
So a fisherman name Wayne is looking over the rail when he see this big fish in a trough pool, he says heck with my rod jumps down to the beach goes into the water and wrestle this fish into the shallower water and beachs this 25 lb Grouper and if you don't believe me call and go down and see the pic they have posted.

Anglins Fishing Pier July 13 2005
Ending the week they had Snapper, Blue runners, Cuda, Mackerel, Jacks. Saturday Hurricane Dennis and nothing. Sunday Snapper. moonfish, Margates, Jacks. Monday Snapper, Jacks, Cudas and Macks. Tuesday Macks, Snapper and Trigger fish. Wednesday Snapper, Jacks, and Runners. There is Bait
Sorry to say This pier has been dragging, there are fish mainly Snapper and Mackerel but you have to be there at the right time. I stopped by tonight, there were alot of people and no fish coming over the rail.

July 07 2005
Anglins Fishing Pier
Last Friday and Saturday Blue Runners, Jacks, Cuda, Snapper. Sunday Blue runners and Mackerel. For this week so far has been Sharks, Barracudas, Blue runers, Mackerel and a rare mangrove snapper right now.
With the ocean kicking up, this pier likes it rough so it could be good for Snapper this weekend and alot of panfish. Oh and those Teethy Monsters that lurk in the shadows. The days may see some decent size Mackerel around. (There have been a couple of nice Ceros caught)

June 29 2205
Anglins Fishing Pier
This past weekend saw some nice Cero Mackerel, Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda and bait. As for Monday until today has slowed down, there was a 100+lb Tarpon caught and released, a few Muttons, scattered Spanish Mackerel and Blue runners. There is bait at the pier.
Fishing this weekend will be scattered I think due to the weather and wind, you will just have to be there at the right time. Look for catches of Barracuda, Croakers. Moonfish, Jacks, and occassional Snapper

June 22 2005
Anglins Fishing Pier
This week saw lots of Barracuda all week long and some big ones at that 20lb to 35lb. Over last weekend Barracuda, some Spanish Mackerel, Mangrove Snappers, Muttons and Bait around. Monday Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks and Mangroves. Tuesday Sharks, an 11 to 14 foot Shark was caught waiting on ID. and pictures some say Bull shark and some say Tiger, will post pic when I recieve and there were also Barracuda and scattered Bait. Wednesday Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks and baits. As I am writing this big baits are soaking in the water so we will see what I post next week.
For this weekend I think it could be good with the wind going Ne on Thursday night until Friday. This should kick the water up a notch and it has color so larger fish should be around, along with Snapper and maybe some Spanish Mackerel, because they were here today.

June 15 2005
Anglins Fishing Pier

The last weekend saw Jacks, Mackerel, Snapper and Cudas. Monday Snapper, Tuesday and Wednesday Mackerel, Jacks, Snapper, Moonfish and Bluerunners in good numbers also saw a huge cuda caught Weds night. Lots of Barracuda around and they look like they are waiting on a snapper dinner. Bait in the lights, Dork Jacks, Big Gogs and summer bait.
Looks like it may be pretty calm weather wise, so fishing will more than likely slack off till Sunday. Call and check before going.

Anglins Fishing Pier June 8 2005
This past week saw Barracuda, Snapper, Mackerel on Friday but it slowed down on Saturday. Sunday had better catches Bluefish, Mackerel, Snapper, Cudas, Blue runners. As for Monday till Today Cudas, Snapper and Blue runners, Moonfish.
The weather is picking up, I expect this pier will benefit if the ocean kicks it up a knotch. Some of those snapper this week were Muttons and they should be around in this type of water, and just coming out of the new moon, it could be good fishing this weekend.

Anglins Fishing Pier June 2 2005
Snapper and Barracuda,Big blow fish at the begining of the week and some bait in the daytime and at night dork jacks in the lights. Tuesday Jacks and Thursday Jacks, hogfish, Snapper, Blue runners, the snapper have been 2 lb mangroves and a few of them every night.

Anglins Fishing Pier May 27 2005
This week has seen Summer Bait starting to build up around the pier in the daytime hours a few a night but mainly dork jacks at night, Margates, Sand perch, Moonfish and Mangrove snappers have been caught .The Grovers "mangroves" have been caught under the pier from about two lights before the middle house all the way to the middle house also this week keeper MUTTON SNAPPER have been around on the north side at the house they have been hitting ballyhoo plugs and pilchard heads.On the morning of 05/27/05 Margates, sand perch, Barracuda

Anglins Fishing Pier May 19 2005
Pompano have been spotty but I have seen quite a few caught at night in the last few days. Some Mangroves and big Margates, Mojarras, Moonfish and Jacks have been caught also. The Snook turned on Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. I had a few hits but missed my fish sorry to say, I was busy fishing baits for Juno pier and not tending to my rods - but that's OK - I had a great afternoon fishing Juno pier, there will be another day for those Snook.

Anglins Fishing Pier May 15 2005
Pompano ended the week spotty on sunday but great Friday Saturday. I watched a guy and his buddy get their limit from 11:00 pm Fri till 2 am and there were Moonfish and Horse Pilchard in the lights. A few Snook this week, they were playing hide and seek so only a couple. Large Sand Perch and Croakers early in the week. Small Mangroves under the pier.

Anglins Fishing Pier May 9 2005
They are still getting Pompano and Mangrove Snapper, water was clear in the begining of the week and now has murked up some Bone fish, large Mojarra, Croakers, Spinner Shark, and an occasional Tarpon hook up

Anglins Fishing Pier April 30 2005
They had a few great days this week for Pompano with early morning and evening bites. Only a couple of Snook on Wednesday, A 15lbs Permit and Mangrove snappers, Croakers, Whitting, Moonfish

Anglins Fishing Pier April 25 2005
Croakers, Bonefish, grunts, big 1 1/2 lbs Mojarras, Pompano at daybreak and evenings

Anglins Fishing Pier April 24 2005
One big ray that's all folks

Anglins Fishing Pier April 18 2005
The previous week Snappers, Pompano, Bluefish, Shark, Croakers, Big Jacks "crevalle"
To name a few 7.5lb Mangrove Snapper, many 12 to 14 inch Snapper, Bluefish 1.5 to 3 lbs spotty most days, Pompano averaged 2 to 3 lbs

Juno fishing Pier
The Reports below are from October and back all new reports can be found in our FORUM, Please contribute reports thanks.
October 21 2005
Fishing is not good due to the water it is starting to clear and when it does the fish should be on. Keep checking here or call the pier to find out when it breaks lose again.

October 16 2005
Has had for quite a few days Mucky Water, Catfish, Catfish and Catfish+ Meaoooooo

October 09 2005
Fishing has picked up, it started getting good on October 3 Monday Some Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Croakers, Whitting and Cobia in the beginning of the week and has continued up to today Sunday the 9, it has run hot and cold but fishing is definitly picking up.Sunday the report is alot of Fish lets go through the list Pompano , Croakers, Whitting Jacks, Blue runners, are some and King Mackerel off of the Tee.

September 19 2005
Over the last week fishing has been poor with a few Bluefish and Mackerel and a few keeper snook. Water is still poor and catfish today "Monday"

September 10 2005
Water has been brown and rough with only catfish most days due to the storm otheila ? They did gets some Macks on Saturday and Finger mullet has been running past but there has been no fish tagging along with them. Once it settles down I am sure there will be some nice fish.

September 05 2005
Bait is Gone, so bring your Live bait. The last few days Spanish Mackerel, Jacks , Ladyfish. Finger Mullet has started to show heading south So Bluefish should be following so get those top water plugs ready. Croakers and Whiting inshore. August 19 2005
Last weekend saw alot of Mackerel and Snook and alot of bait. Monday, Tuesday, Mackerel, Blue Runners. Snook and Croakers. Wednesday was slower and picked up again on Thursday again with Mackerel, Snook and Blue runners. Friday mackerel inshore in the milky water and Snook, alot of Blue runners and a school of Bonita came past.
Enjoy the bait while it lasts, it will move on very soon and so will the snook. Over the weeks to follow before the fall run you will need to check that bait is at the pier. Mackerel should hang around, not in big numbers but they will be there. The Bonita will continue to show up, with Permit caught every once an a while, Mangrove snappers should hang around the pilons. Croakers and Whitting in the surf.

August 12 2005
Over the weekend was a bit slow with Blue Runners, Mangroves, and a few Mackerel.Monday Snooks released, Blue runners. Tuesday Mackerel, Blue runners, Bonita but was slow. Wednesday Tarpon, Permit, and a few Mackerel. Water has been narley but started to clean up a little on Thursday which turned out to be good for Spanish Mackerel, also some Mangroves and Blue runners came through.

August 5 2005
Snapper have size limits and also Grouper, Know your Laws. Saturday Morning Mangroves, Mackerel, Blue runners. Sunday good day of fishing, catches were Bonita, Mackerel, Mangroves, 47 lb Permit and alot of Bait. Monday Blue runners, Mackerel, Mangroves, 2 Permit about 25 lb and bait. Tuesday Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, Snapper, Cudas, Blue Runner. Wednesday Morning Blue runners, Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Bonita a fair ammount of fish. Thursday Runners, Mackerel,Bonita, Mangroves and Snook released. Friday late afternoon Blue runners.
Cody and Kyle
had great day fishing, Congrats guys. Their catch for the day was, 3 Bonita, 7 Snook released, 3 Mangroves, 6 Spanish Mackerel. 08/03/05
Another Great day for the boys Kyle and Cody,
go catch'em. 26 Snook released, 2 Bonitas, 2 keeper Mangroves, 1 Spanish Mackerel and there were alot of baby Ceros-Kings and a 35 lb Sailfish swam by as they witnessed.

July 29
At the weekend jacks, Mangroves and on Monday Croakers and a few Mackerel, Tuesday Croakers, Blue Runners and the water was dirty. Wednesday water started clear up and they got Big Jacks, Mackerel, Runners and Bait was around.Thursday Good ammount of Mackerel, Bonita and mangroves in the Morning, In the afternoon the it thin out but they were still getting alot of fish. The water was clear and flat. Friday Morning Bonita, Mackerel, Snapper, Croakers, Blue Runners, Jacks and Snook. There was a 21 lb Permit caught this week.

July 20 2005
Juno Fishing Pier This past weekend Some Spanish Mackerel, Blue runners, Jacks, croakers, Snook, a few Pompano and small Muttons on the whole it was a medium fishing weekend. Monday had catches of Spanish Mackerel, Bonita, Croakers, Sand perch and a Permit. Tuesday saw Spanish Mackerel, Blue Runners, one Permit and Bonita came in good in the Afternoon. Wednesday Spanish macks, Jacks, Bonitas in the Afternoon. July 13 2005
Water started to clear up Thursday and was good for Friday, they caught on Thursday Bonita, Jacks and Spanish Mackerel and on Friday stepped it up and had alot of Spanish Mackerel and they also caught Bonitas, Jacks, and Snooks and released them.
Started to kick up and get rough due to Dennis, But still they caught Permit, Mutton, Blue runners, Croakers and Jacks. beginning of this week a Couple of Muttons , Permit, runners, croakers, Mackerel and Snooks released. As for Wednesday Spanish Mackerel, Permit in the Morning and Snook and a Sailfish was hooked and spooled the Angler also alot of bait around
This could be a great weekend at Juno if the conditions follow the forecast so give them a call and see what's going on

July 07 2005
Over last weekend they had alot of Snook around and I am sure it will stay this way until the summer bait takes off. They had a few Bonitas over the weekend and also Spanish Mackerel, Moonfish, Croakers, Whitting. It was slow Sunday and on Monday a few Mackerel, Snook and Blue runners.
Then I heard from the pier today that the last Two days had some runners and Mucky water so the bite laid off, with all the rain we presume they have opened some of the gates so it may be a day or two till it clears up.
The Snook and other Fish bite has been much better early in the mornings and the bait can scatter by 10:00 am so it does'nt hurt to get there early and get some bait. This weekend may be a wash out for this pier, the ocean may kick up to much and the bite seems too slow when it's too rough and the water murks to much.

June 29 2005
Slow at the weekend but on Sunday picked up a little with some Spanish Mackerel, Bonita, Croakers and Whitting. Monday saw a few nice Permit all over 20lb +, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks, Croakers, Whitting and Bait and until today the same minus the Permit.
This week looks mellow for the weather and should be really good for fishing Croakers and Whitting. Now we're waiting on the Mangroves to show up under the Pier - with the Bait in it should happen soon, so keep checking under the pier for Mangroves. Also big Permits should be moving around so put a live calico crab out, it won't be a waste.

June 22 2005
Friday Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, Jacks. Saturday it was flat and clear and pretty slow with alot of bait around. Monday until today it has been slow in the late afternoons and better in the Mornings a few Bonita, Moonfish, Croakers, Whitting and Spanish Mackerel.
If you go get there early the fish seem to be turning off in the afternoons and only jacks being around, they are still getting Spanish Mackerel but that's pretty typical at this pier almost all year long. What about that SNOOK at Jupiter Inlet? WOW! Big Snook, now that was a Slob.
If you don't know what I am talking about check this story out from this weeks Sun-Sentinel. Monster Snook If this link doesn't work search the for MONSTER SNOOK

June 15 2005
Two weeks of pretty good fishing. Bait has made the difference and the big catch last week was 41lb African Pompano that I hear was caught on a big sardine. I missed putting this in last week. As for this past weekend, it got a little rough on Saturday and they were getting Croakers, Jacks and Whitting.
Sunday Big Permit, Big Jacks, Pompano, Spanish Macks, Croakers and Whitting. Monday until today, Wednesday, Mackerel, Jacks, Croakers and Whitting. Also alot of bait on Wednesday. The weather should stay good for this pier but it may slow down a little while we have the west winds this weekend. I would take the chance and fish it, you can always call before going to make sure it's good.
This Pier is the FISH Capital of the Southern East Coast piers.

Juno Fishing Pier June 8 2005
Saturday alot of Spanish Mackerel, a few small Bonita, Pompano, Croakers, Whitting and a few Jacks.
Sunday on till Wednesday night lots of Spanish Mackerel, some Croakers, Moonfish, a Cobia that got away. At least a dozen or so Pompano and a couple of Bonita caught and summer bait Greenies, sardines, etc earlier in the week.
The fishing has been very good. If the wind and seas pick up too much it may affect the fishing on this pier. If it gets too rough the fish don't like it but if it stays like it is or chops a little more the fishing should be GREAT this weekend.

June 2 2005
No bait YET,waiting-waiting-wiating- Slow at the weekend and on Monday few Mackerel and throw back Snook, Tues and Weds Jacks and some Mackerel but they seem to be staying mostly just out of reach.
Thursday afternoon the pier reported Spanish Mackerel, Bonita and Jacks in good numbers.

May 27 2005
Starting monday Mackerel and Pompano some croakers and whitting. towards the middle of the week Bluefish, Pompano, Mackerel and on Weds Snook thursday slow to nil and friday Croakers, sand Perch and Moonfish in the morning. I am still waiting on the baitfish to show and stay.I am sure the fishing will be on and more consistent when the bait hangs around for a while.

May 19 2005
Beginning of the week started slow but picked up Wednesday as bait was around. The big showing is Bonitas, a few were around on Thursday. The Macks were also biting on the tee and also Pompano just past the first house on the north side with a slow north current on Thursday, croakers and whitting at the surf as usual. I was there on Thursday with the roofer and we did get quite a few Macks - had a nice scream on a Jack head. The roofer swam the Bluerunner I caught and got nailed within a minute of it hitting the water but didn't get a chance to see the fish because it took him by surprise and the hook pulled, sure did get the blood flowing so on a mission to get some runners and bring them to the pier to fish them BECAUSE WE KNOW THERE'S BIG FISH THERE. Have you heard about the 35lb King caught two weeks ago?.

May 15 2005
Slow start with some Macks and Pompano Saturday. Mackerel were hitting but you had to work the three sides of the end, croakers, gulf kings and bluefish 150 feet off of the beach and alot of them, some Pompano were caught on Saturday but scarce, croakers, gulf kings were spotty on Sunday.

May 4 2005
14.5 lb Triple tail was caught and nice size Pompano, 2 Permit, small Kngfish, Coakers, Witting, Buefish, also large schools of Menhaden "small baitfish" moved through heading South on 05/04/05

Dania fishing Pier

The Reports below are from October and back all new reports can be found in our FORUM, Please contribute reports thanks.
August 19 2005
This week at Dania some snapper, Barracuda, Blue runners, Mackerel, Snook, Tarpon and bait.
Is Dania going to close ???? I am hearing from people 6 to 8 weeks, city has not said a thing. As soon as I hear something I will post it.

August 12 2005
Mackerel, Snapper, Snook, Blue runners at the weekend and beginning of the week. Thursday Slow - didn't see anyone pulling in anything in the afternoon, Bait is around.

August 7 2005
Courtesy of Tuna Tim
This is tuna Tim reporting from dania for a while at least 10 months or so this way nobody can say why didn't you tell me. Their planning on building a resturant hopefully the fishing conditions will be better to, better tackle shop , more cutting boards,& like any pier anywhere get rid of the bad people & try to attract the good I have met both kinds, Anyway that is just my opinion ! soon it will be that time you know the S word, I hope I do better than last season all I would have to do is catch one that isn,t a tough goal! I will report from where the action is for me or what I see thank you Tuna Man !

August 5 2005
Snapper have size limits and also Grouper, Know your Laws. Sunday Tarpon, Mackerel, Bait and released snook. Monday Mackerel in the Morning and Blue runners and Bait in the afternoon. Tuesday Bait and Blue runners. Wednesday Blue Runners, Mackerel,released Snook and Bait. Closure Date between the 15 and 20 and will be closed 8 to 10 Months for construction of a restaurant and pier maintenance. Will stay with it and let you know how it is going once it close's.

July 29
Weekend until Tuesday was slow with bait around, on tues. Mackerel, Blue runners and Bait.Wednesday Snapper, Mackerel, Snook and Bait. Thursday Mackerel, Bonitas, Snapper, Jacks and bait in the Morning and Afternoon. Friday Morning Snapper, Mackerel, Jacks and Snook fair amount of fish were around this Morning.

July 20 2005
Friday and Saturday Spanish Mackerel and Muttons, blue runners, Jacks in the Mornings and it seemed to slow in the evenings. Sunday Blue runners, jacks and Undersize Muttons. Monday Jacks and Bait. Tuesday Jacks, Spanish Mackerel, Blue runners and the big catch was a 20lb Jack. Wednesday- It was reported Slow that is all I have heard, if you know something post it.

A word from a Local
Hello Tuna Tim reporting in from Dania bch july 19th 2005, fishing has been pretty good at Dania Fishing Pier quite a few good size mackeral have been caught, also an occasional keeper mutton snapper alot of Snook caught & released a few Tarpon, Jacks and Good ammounts of bait. There has been a variety of fish to catch to keep the serious fisherman happy! I hope to keep reporting good fishing and good luck! Thanks Tuna Tim.

July 13 2005
Well ending last week saw some Tarpon and then Dennis, it was getting rough and by sunday Mangroves and Muttons in the Morning and Margates, Snapper and Rays. Beginning of week had Blue runners and Jacks in the Morning and Muttons at night and Bait was around. Wednesday blue runners and Spanish Mackerel here and there in the Morning. Mackerel and bait through the Afternoon Evening.
Should be a good weekend for Snapper

July 7 2005
Mackerel before the closure, on monday only heard about a few blue runners and it was slow on Wednesday.
Should be Snook around and Muttons as it kicks up this weekend and when it calms back down Sunday should be real good I think for the Muttons.

Dania Fishing Pier June 29 2005
They had a fare amount of Mackerel this weekend and Blue runners, Jacks, Tarpon and Snook - released and the remaining week a couple of Muttons, Spanish Mackerel, Cero and plenty of bait.

June 26 2005
Report by B.T.
I was at Dania fishing pier from 5 pm until 9:30, I caught a blue, I saw a 30inch snook caught and released and a couple of macks, bait was plentiful. It was like a black oil slick at the end of the pier.
Nice web site!!!....
B. T.

June 22 2005
Spanish Mackerel were thick at the beginning of the weekend, some Snook, Jacks, Blue runners and Muttons also alot of bait. Monday A few Spanish Macks, Jacks and Tarpon. Tuesday and Wednesday Tarpon, Jacks, BlueFish?, Mangroves, Bait.
If you want a Tarpon stop by this pier. This pier has been producing a few more fish than the others and I would think it would remain that way over the weekend, we will see.

June 15 2005
Bluefish on Thursday. Friday, due to the weather it was an empty pier and no fish, wish someone was fishing. Saturday and Sunday Muttons, Jacks, Blue runners, Bluefish and Mackerel and bait.
Tuesday and Wednesday Snapper and Mackerel and bait. The fishing should continue to be good due to the fact there is alot of bait around this pier. I have had a couple of reports that the Mutton bite was good after the storm at the weekend.

June 8 2005
Saturday Pompano, Mackerel, Jacks and lots of bait.
Slow Sunday, Mackerel on Monday, nothing really happenning on Tuesday but a few blue runners, bait and Cudas. Wednesday some Bluefish.
Weather could pick things up with the Snapper bite, they love to come in after storms consistently at this pier.

June 4 2005 by Tuna Tim
Well to sum up my fishing as far as snook fishing is concerned. I didn't score, I fished morning noon & night and the snook were biting at Dania but you had to work at it.
A friend of mine did catch one on the last day. I had the priviledge of netting his fish for him and other snook fisherman caught a few, at least one or two snook a day were caught on the last days of the season, also I saw a lot of fish lost.
As for now there is alot of bait, big pilchards. The tarpon bite is strong. I have hooked a few so you know their thick. This concludes my most recent update from Dania Pier.
To all you fisherman out there good luck!
                      From tuna TIM

June 02 2005
Slow Sunday, Monday, Tuesday picked up with Snapper and Pompano in the Morning. Snook, Tarpon, and snapper in the evening. and Weds had Tarpon again and lots of bait all week.

May 28 2005 afternoon by Tuna Tim
May 28th:  Morning
It was extremely slow. Lots of bait the snook were not biting.
May 27th:
Friday Morning A few Mackerel and a Snook or two Friday afternoon I caught a 15# cobia 31.5" the cobia needed to be 33". I released the fish, a couple of snook were caught. Lots of bait all around the pier. Also I lost a nice snook and 1 snook was caught about 15# while I was there .

Pier May 26 2005
Things are picking up, I was there in the middle of the week a few snook caught and alot of Bait off of the T. Bait has been in for a few weeks also snapper at night also while I was there a manta ray with a 6 to 7 foot wing spread came by every time it turned its wings came out of the water,it was about 11:00am and what was behind it, three cobias one of which was about 60# they wouldn't hit a live pilchard and moved out and away from the pier. I hope they came back by and someone got one that day.

Dania Fishing Pier May 15 2005
Some snook this week and rays, they have had bait showing up so the fish our turning on.

April 30 2005
Not a whole heck of alot from what I have been told slow week.

Pompano Fishing Pier
The Reports below are from October and back all new reports can be found in our FORUM, Please contribute reports thanks.
October 21 2005
Pompano, Macks, Jacks, Bluefish on Monday. Short Pompano on Tuesday and some spanish Mackerel it has been slow the rest of this week with some Blue Runners, Bluefish, Ladyfish, Snapper, Jacks and Mackerel

October 16 2005
Over the Weekend and begining of this week Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, Bluefish, Mangrove Snapper, Blue Runners, Jacks. Fishing has been really good here. They to have been getting alot of Juvenile Fish so know your Laws because there is SIZE limits on some fish.

October 9 2005
The reports are Slow Slow Slow, But I am not sure of that. I know of a few snook caught last weekend on the 1st, alot of small Grovers and a few muttons late night over the weekend. For the last two weeks the list of fish is Bluefish, Snapper, Mackerel, Snook, Small Kings and alot of Pan fish, the fishing has been hit and miss but if you have been there at the right time you caught fish.

September 16 2005
Snook, Mackerel, Snapper, Blue runners so far this week. the week before a couple of Permit.

August 19 2005
Snapper over the weekend and Blue runners. Monday, Tuesday Muttons, Mangroves and undersize Grouper. Wednesday Blue runners and alot of bait. Thursday Snapper, Mackerel and alot of Blue runners, Bait.

August 12 2005
Lots of Snapper (there is a size limit.) Tarpon and snook were around at the weekend and on Monday they were getting Snapper. Tuesday Mangroves and Mutton snapper and alot of bait around. Thursday had Mackerel and Snapper in the morning and it was hot with not too many people fishing in the afternoon.

August 5 2005
Snapper have size limits and also Grouper, Know your Laws. Over the weekend, Bait and Mackerel in the Morning and Mangroves through the day. Tuesday Some Mangrove and other pan fish. Wednesday a Tarpon was hooked early afternoon.

Pompano Fishing Pier July 29 Blue Runners, Mangroves, Tarpon and other pan fish and scattered bait at the weekend. Slow Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with some mangroves and blue runners and a couple of Muttons and a Shark. Friday Morning a few Mackerel, Yellowtails - a alot of Snook around this Pier, I have not been fishing for them, but if this is your choice they are here. Tarpon have been cruising by just about everyday.

Pompano Fishing Pier July 20 2005
Pompano Fishing Pier Over the weekend Spanish Mackerel, Blue Runners, Snapper and a few Pompano. Monday Spanish Mackerel and Snapper in the early Morning. Tuesday the same Mackerel and Snapper. Wednesday Spanish Mackerel, Snapper on the slower side today stoped by tonight and Mangroves is what I saw. Snook and tarpon have been around also.

Pompano Fishing Pier July 13 2005
Snapper over the weekend in between the rain and wind. Monday had Spanish mackerel consistent all day and Snapper in the Morning and bait was around. I thought I would add this report because I thought it should be in their words, it seems these young anglers had quite a day of Fishing.
This report is courtesy of ALEX and Friends, George, Robbie, Dave and Drew "On Monday Night we caught a couple of keeper lanes, couple of keeper mangroves, a nice 6 pound mutton, a Bonnet head Shark, Cobia which was too short to keep.
The people next to us caught 2 short red groupers. The 4 or 5 people I was there fishing with all together caught 6 to 9 big snook the biggest around 20 pounds and the smallest around 6 pounds all released unharmed. I got there around 5 and left at 12. When I arrived there I heard of some reports of some nice spanish macks earlier."
Pompano pier was closed Wednesday Morning due to city piling inspections and is now open and operating and Catching fish already and there has been alot of bait.
With the way this pier has been producing I would think things may even get better over this weekend, we will see.

Pompano Fishing Pier July 12 2005
This report is courtesy of ALEX and Friends, George, Robbie, Dave and Drew
On Monday Night we caught a couple of keeper lanes, couple of keeper mangroves, a nice 6 pound mutton, a Bonnet head Shark, Cobia which was too short to keep. The people next to us caught 2 short red groupers. The 4 or 5 people I was there fishing with all together caught 6 to 9 big snook the biggest around 20 pounds and the smallest around 6 pounds all released unharmed. I got there around 5 and left at 12. When I arrived there I heard of some reports of some nice spanish macks earlier.

Pompano Fishing Pier July 07 2005
Some Mackerel, Snapper, Blue runners, Jacks at the weekend and Snappers, Blue runners, Grunts and other panfish on Monday and Tuesday.
I think the fishing has been good and should stay ok, the seas this weekend could affect the fishing if it gets really rough.

Pompano Fishing Pier June 29 2005
They caught alot of Muttons, Spanish Mackerel, Grunts and Blue runners this weekend. During the week a few more Muttons along with Spanish Mackerel, Jacks, Mangroves, Blue runners, and Pan Fish.
Snapper, Mackerel and pan fish should be here over the weekend and maybe some Yellow Tails in the mornings.

Pompano Fishing Pier June 22 2005
This week it was slow compared to what it has been lately. Spanish Mackerel, Mangroves, Jacks, Blue runners, Croakers, Barracudas.
This weekend may be good, call and check before you go but I would think Mangroves, Yellowtails, Jacks, Bluerunners, Grunts and maybe a few Spanish Mackerel will be around.

Pompano Fishing Pier June 15 2005
Bluefish at the weekend and Monday untill Wednesday Spanish Mackerel, Yellowtails and Mangroves, and Wednesday was the better day with Snapper this pier has been doing very well with the snapper it seems.

Pompano Fishing Pier June 8 2005
Sand perch, Blue runners, Jacks over the weekend and monday and I saw some small mangroves pulled up on Tues and alot of summer bait in the shadow lines of the pier.
I saw snook on the south side 1/2 way out, about 18 of them and they were doing donuts and torpedoing the bait and just haveing a good time playing a couple of them where real SLOBS.
This weekend could be very good fishing I think.

Pompano Fishing Pier June 02 2005
Yellowtails I hear and a Few Mackerel I stopped by Weds night and they were getting Blue runners and saw 6 or 7 Fat Fat Snook 300 feet in off of the beach on south side. The water looked good and I would think they got some fish late or early morning. They did get a Mutton on Thursday morning

Pompano Fishing Pier May 28 2005
End of the week report was Yellowtail and Spanish mackerel, HogFish and Blue Runners. I was there Friday night at 11:30pm and it was calm and flat and nothing happenning and I also stopped by saturday early morning and the water was looking better but didn't see anything caught, there were mackerel fisherman there so I hope it turned out good for them.

Deerfield Fishing Pier
The Reports below are from October and back all new reports can be found in our FORUM, Please contribute reports thanks.
October 21 2005
Monday had Sanish Mackerel, some Pompano, Snapper, Jacks, Bluefish. Tuesday Baby Sharks and a few Bluefish. the rest of the week has been slow with lady fish today. Big Kings will be around soon.

October 16 2005
Last few days have been good with Spanish Mackerel, Some keeper Kings, Bluefish, Snapper, Croakers, Blue runners, Jacks.

September 05 2005
They have been getting Nice mackerel and Big Jacks and Bonita crashing the baits the last few days. Just after the storm Katrina they were catching some nice Mangroves. The fishing will be good here if the weather stays the same.
August 19 2005
Over the weekend Snapper, Mackerel, Blue runners early Morning. All I heard for the week is Blue runners, Mackerel and bait I hear alot of Snook are around and should have alot of bait, because there is heaps of bait around Boynton Beach moving South.

August 12 2005
Snapper over the weekend and alot of cigar minnows. Monday Mangroves, Blue runners, Amber Jacks (remember there is a size limit) and Bait.Tuesday Blue runners and the Pier was a hot one today. Thursday had Mackerel, Blue runners and Bait around.

August 5 2005
Snapper have size limits and also Grouper, Know your Laws. Saturday Blue Runners and Bait. Sunday Mackerel. Tuesday Snook released, Snapper,Blue Runners, bait. Last I heard Mangrove snapper and Runners.

Fishing July 29
All I heard at the beginning of this week was flat and Nothing, Mmm? Snapper and Blue runners and summer bait Wednesday and Thursday, Friday Morning Blue runners.

July 20 2005
Blue Runners, Spanish Mackerel and snapper here and there is all I heard at Deerfield over the weekend. Monday saw Blue Runners, Mangroves, Scorpion fish who wants those?, Bait. Tuesday Snapper, Blue runners, Shark, Sardines. Wednesday Decent size Spanish Mackerel.

Deerfield Fishing Pier July 13 2005
Well the end of last week the only report I Know was Nothing and then on Sunday Grouper in the Morning and Jacks. Monday had Snappers, Jacks, runners and scattered bait and the night was slow.
This week so far has seen a fare amount of snapper last couple of days.

July 7 2005
Well as everyone has heard Sharks lots of sharks started at the weekend for Deerfield Beach I am sure the Mayor and city officials were thrilled with there early fourth of July guests.
Well so they must have caught a shark? They did catch Blue runners and Mackerel and just before they closed at 12:00 on Sunday it seems they were getting Snapper, Blues and Mackerel.

June 29 2005
They have been getting Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Kings, Ceros, Croakers, Whitting and Snapper underneath the pier. Bait is here in the day. Mornings are producing the Best

June 22 2005
At the weekend Blue runners, Barracuda, Sardines. Through the week did not get a chance to get by but heard rumours of Spanish Mackerel, Runners and scattered bait also rumour of some big fish around. On wednesday Croakers, Spots and a nice COBIA BIG THANKS go's out to the SkateKiller
Bunch of people I know are going, they believe there are some big fish there. Maybe but I haven't heard of any big ones being caught. Where are those Big Kings?

June 15 2005
Well for this pier I made it out twice this week. I didn't see a thing going on, and the only report I got was for Tuesday when they got Spanish Mackerel, Sand Perch and alot of bait.
Good Luck if you fish this pier, I do think there are some big fish being caught on this pier - I don't see them coming up and I am not getting many reports - but I have seen the regulars out there late in the day and you just don't fish at those times unless there is some action. Food for thought........

June 8 2005
They said they were slow at the weekend?
On Monday some Mackerel don't know How many, also they were catching some blue runners and some sardines inshore.
Blue runners were reported for Tuesday but that night it seemed quite to me. There were fishing people there and bait was around and also blue runners and the chatter online was gogs in the daytime.

Deerfield Fishing Pier June 2 2005
Beginning of the week Bait was around sardines and they were catching Jacks, few Mackerel in the day. Tuesday they reported nothing and the same for Wednesday except for the rain on Weds. but I have heard from people they are getting some mackerel in the mornings. I was there weds and it was slow, they had caught pilchard earlier in the day.

May 29 2005
Blue Runners and Jacks were reported for the last few days, when I stopped by there were Jacks and some bait scattered at the shore sardines I figured, this was 4:00 am saturday and then again at 2:00 pm Saturday

Boynton Inlet and Beaches

October 17 2005
Courtesy of dafish1...aka...Lewis
I just got in from fishing at Boynton Inlet, North side- it was blowin up!! Dirty Water from the edge of the north side of the inlet going south down the beach, but small to medium sized blues and macks were there. Hittin' artificials like crazy! All kinds of bait in the water, and large schools of menhaden inside the inlet on the north side! Great day for my first time hittin' that spot.

October 17 2005
Courtesy of Scuba Pat....aka Patrick
Alot of Bluefish and Mackerel and a few Snapper off of the jettys, Snook are always here also. Both sides are openned up, so fish untill your content.

October 09 2005
Muttons off of the North jetty, but I hear it is closed right now, Snook and Tarpon off of the South and Bluefish in the back water. Alot of Bluefish feeding on the Mullet

August 10 2005
Snook, Tarpon and Snapper and alot of bait.
With Snook season less than 2 weeks away, this will be a good spot to fish when it opens.

August 12 2005
Fishing is good with Snook, Tarpon, Snapper around the jettys.
Alot of Mangroves off of the seawalls. Check there sizes there is size limit regulations.

Boynton Inlet July 29
Alot of Mangroves around the seawalls and Big Jacks off of the beach.

Boynton Inlet July 23 2005
This Report Courtesy Oceanpotion Last night 6.23 we went out and were throwing the bucktails, along w/the regular snookers out there, anyways. The tarpon would only hit the white bucktails. We jumped 3 and landed 2 on the incoming and 1 on the outgoing. High tide was the key.

Boynton Inlet July 22 2005
This Report Courtesy Oceanpotion One 32in. snook caught on incoming tide right before high tide. Jumped 1 tarpon right on the first of the outgoing and lost something.

Boynton Inlet July 20 2005
Boynton Inlet ( This is one of my favorite Boatless spots ) Snapper, Jacks, Bluefish, Bait off of the jettys and Seawalls. I fished the beach this week and released two 30 inch snook and caught a heap of Jacks and Big Grunts.

Boynton Inlet July 13 2005
Snook, Mangroves at slack tide, Muttons, and a tarpon on the out going, Lots of pan fish from the seawalls like grunts, small but keeper snapper, croakers, Moonfish, a small flounder was caught and released.
This weekend should be good unless this east wind that's comming kicks it up, which will make fishing the beach difficult, but the jetty should be good it is not expected to get too rough.

Boynton Inlet June 29 2005
Alot of snook catches reported. Mangroves and Moonfish. Let's hope everyone is releasing their Snook. Report violations to FWC. It's not season
This should be good Fishing the beach, Jettys and seawalls this weekend

Boynton Inlet June 22 2005
Snapper, Moonfish, Big Jack Crevalle, few Snook, few Tarpon and bait off of the jettys.
The Inside of the inlet Mangroves, Moonfish, some Croakers and bait. This weekend should be typical for the inlet with fishing staying consistent and the beach should be nice to fish as long as the wind doesn't kick up to much. Forecast says wind should stay reasonable.

Boynton Inlet June 15 2005
Snapper, Croakers, Moonfish, Big Grunts and alot of Snook. Bait has been around but you have to find it and there isn't alot.
It looks good for this weekend, I would try the south jetty for snook. The south side beach for all surf fish. You could also do the north jetty on the out going on the beach side for snook, snapper and maybe macks in the daytime. If you are looking for Groves and Moonfish try the seawall south side in the back by the marina.

Boynton Inlet June 8 2005
Mangroves and Moonfish and other small fish from the seawall and some Snapper from the jettys. I haven't been there in the day this week but,
I would think some Bluefish and Mackerel too, since they have been caught further South. Bait is around at night for sure but like I said don't know about the day.
The weather this weekend may make for tough jetty fishing. At the beach those East winds, anywhere on the South coast, are hard to fish while they're blowing and even more a killer on a beach next to a jetty.

Boynton Inlet June 02 2005
Plenty of Snook and bait off of the jettys, saw some Mullet in the cove "lagoon" and alot of small fish off the south seawall - Moonfish, Snapper etc. did not get a chance to fish the North side.

Boynton Inlet May 27 2005
There has been alot of snook and bait, you will have to contend to alot of people if you fish the day the jettys have been packed, the south jetty I didn't even walk out on, because there was that many people on 05/26/05 but the nights are slower. Alot of bait around the jettys right now and seawalls are producing like always mangroves and moonfish.The moons are out a little bit off of the south side seawall.

Boynton Inlet May 19 2005
Mangroves south seawall, lots of Snook in the inlet and some bait on south side next to bridge also have been sardines on bridge shadow line and mullet is still around

Boynton Inlet May 15 2005
Mangoves off of the south seawall and snook at the south jetty and north jetty still mullet around and greenys

Boynton Inlet May 9 2005
A few snook and mangrove snspper, plenty of bait "menhaden" and lots of black mullet on the out going swimming up the inlet. Water was a little rough the nights I was there, we had ne winds and then east both where blowing at about 20 to 25 mph had to fish southside jetty and beach.

Boynton Inlet April 30 2005
Snook all week long at tide changes, alot of moonfish on seawall southside and mangroves also also sardines and pilchard.
BIG Grouper 30 to 40 pounder caught on southside jetty swimming a mahara. alot of spots and grunts on beaches.

Hillsboro Inlet and area
The Reports below are from October and back all new reports can be found in our FORUM, Please contribute reports thanks.
August 22 2005
Courtesy of Josh - Thanks for the report Josh Got 1 mangrove, 1 mutton and a big sand perch in two hours of fishing.
Hooked into a 10lb tarpon one week earlier at midnight. Ran 100 yards jumped and broke my line. Forgot to bow!

August 19 2005
Mangrove Snappers, I know of one snook caught and I saw some Tarpon early morning, rolling at the mouth of the inlet at the rocks.

August 12 2005
Mangrove Snapper all over the place (remember there is a size limit.) Bait is in and out.

August 5 2005
Know your Laws Mangroves have a size limit. Over the weekend lots of Mangoves around the bridge and docks. Monday early morning nothing couldn't even get a Grover.

Fishing Hillsboro Inlet July 29
They are getting alot of Mangroves here. A Tarpon and Snook every once in a while. and I Keep hearing grouper in the channel but I have yet to see a grouper this month, anyone want to back it up drop me an email.

Fishing Hillsboro Inlet July 20 2005
Hillsboro Inlet Alot of Mangrove snappers and Grunts and Pan fish around the weekend and some bait scattered in the Mornings and Evenings, a couple of snook caught and released this week and big jacks off of the Beach. Wednesday alot of people fishing in and around the bridge and dock and saw a few Keeper mangrove come up and alot of sardines in and out at the Bridge.

Fishing Hillsboro Inlet July 13 2005
Mangroves, Grunts, big jacks have been around when the boats come back in. The beach has seen alot of Croakers and Sand Perch and Jacks. I do not know of any Snook being caught, but I am sure they are there.

Fishing Hillsboro Inlet July 7 2005
Big Jacks off the Beach and I only heard of a couple of snapper at the rocks and had a few reports of only Grunts in and around the bridge.

Fishing Hillsboro Inlet June 29 2005
I was only able to get by twice this week and bait was scattered. The Snook bite was on and they were every where, when I was there. I caught a couple of 2lb Mangroves. Fishing is always good and it's a nice Park and Beach.
This weekend will be full of people, but the fishing should be great.

Fishing Hillsboro Inlet June 22 2005
All I know about is Mangroves all around the docks. One snook landed and released at the rocks and some Tarpon hooked on the beach, they were 100+ fish and they never got them in.
Should be good fishing here this weekend it always is for Mangroves, Grunts, Snook around the docks and at the ROCKS.
Fishing Hillsboro Inlet June 15 2005
As usual Mangrove snappers off of the wall and docks. There has been a fare amount of snook around and I heard of a couple of snapper and a Grouper off of the rocks. There has been bait but it comes and goes, so you have to just be there at the right time. Fishing Hillsboro Inlet June 8 2005
Mangroves around the seawall and dock areas and out in the channel. I saw a couple of nice ones one night this week. On Wednesday there were Mangrove.
Alot of people hanging out and fishing, it is a nice park for families to fish and chill together. The beach is good and it's a long walk out to the fishing but it pays off.

Fishing Hillsboro Inlet June 2 2005
Snook until the last day and snapper "mangroves". On weds alot of people catching alot of little stuff off of the dock. Beach and Rocks looked great.

Fishing Hillsboro Inlet May 29 2005
Snook and Gag Grouper on the rocks and Mangroves under the park dock and jacks when the fishing boats come in.

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