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BF REEL Time News area is mainly stuff I wrote or write each month with info relevant to the NOW. For other Saltwater fishermans methods and fishing reports please check out the Boatless Fishing Forum, we have over 7000 members and over 20,000 Topics about Shorebound or Landbased Fishing. This site is to help you to catch fish, but you still have to put some time in and no ones going to give you exact fishing spots unless its a Public fishing location, but many will help in finding or sharing info on areas where your interested in fishing.

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Grouper how to fish the Monsters out from land

Red GrouperJew Fish Goloith

Grouper Fishing at its best from land

June 2 2005 Written by the Boatless Fisherman..TA

Grouper – Where to start, you will have a hard time getting the big ones landed, I mean 15lbers and up are not easy to get in and your best way to try for this size fish is up and down at bridges. I have found plenty in the keys off bridges, some at South Florida Inlets and smaller ones at piers. ………………. Please CONTINUE READING—–Click here———

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March – Browards Boatless Fishing Forecast

Boatless Fishing Broward Forecast

Bait this month will be Ballyhoo, Goggle eye, Big Thread herring “Greenies”, We may see some small sardines at the North end. Speckled swimming crabs “Calico” have been abundant on the beaches, I would say there must be a Permit swimming close by.

March is a great month it will hold a more consistent bite and there will be more fish along the coast. Bluefish should be around any night we have a good wind off the ocean. Big Spanish Mackerel should also be in the area along with Bluefish during the day. On the Southern piers Snapper, Mangroves and Muttons and, in the past, I have seen some nice Cobia’s caught this month in the the 30 to 40lb range.

Pompano Madness on our piers will begin and anywhere they are being caught should be chaos, as always. But they sure do taste good don’t they. They will bite to the South best, we will see them also on the Northern piers. The morning and evening bites should be best and it will be great to be out on the wooden planks enjoying a good bite with fishing friends.
I am looking forward to some awesome fishing this month.

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The Thrill and Upset of snook Fishing in South Florida from fishing piers

The Thrill and Upset of snook Fishing
written by………JamGeorge……GN

Snook fishing, one of the greatest adrenaline rushes of fishing. If you have never fished for snook before and happen to hook into one while fishing, then you have experienced the complete inadequecy of using the wrong tackle, at the right time, to hook the wrong fish. This fish can generate so much power in the first 30 seconds of being hooked that not knowing what it is you’ve caught and trying to stop it is almost futile.

………………. Please CONTINUE READING—–Click here———

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Broward’s Spring a Ring aling I’m Calling

Spring run, should get going very soon. I am seeing Shrimp and this is the first time I have seen shrimp in Early February in a few years. They have been running late starting in March/April and last year well up and into May which was wacko, anyways I expect to see some nice Pompano soon and after the Fall with the amount of Juveniles I expect a very good run in size and numbers.

I have seen a good amount of Spinner Sharks and Black tips moving in the mornings and a few caught at night, I did see a very nice sandbar Shark caught and release on Friday night Saturday morning, hit well over a 100 lbs. Snapper bite has been slow, Nice size Croakers and Whiting are around, 5lb Jacks come through everyday. I caught two Bonefish a 3lb and 4lbder 3am on a Daffy Jig with 6lb test they are always a BLAST.

Strange nights though,I have never seen this many Needle and Hound fish I think ever, the top of the water in the lights looks as if someone drew lines every where north to south, they are stack up in the thousands and that is no exaggeration.

May I suggest that after any hard West-South West or North West winds that blow over 15mph and then goes SE at 15mph or more GO SHRIMPING, I saw a good run on Tuesday the 1st and a itty bitty run on the 5th and expect it to only get better.

Hope you get out for some fishing—the Boatless Fisherman

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January – Broward Boatless Fishing Forecast

So the New Year Begins.
Bait in the water for this month will be Ballyhoo, Thread Herring, Goggle eyes, maybe some Sardines as well. This month is the lull before the Spring run starts to kick in so if we get lucky with the winds and they keep pushing against our coast from the SE or NE this should help to keep bait in the surf and if there is food for the fish the fish are there to be caught.

Fishing this month will improve as the month goes on, with King Mackerel, Cobia and Spanish macks being the more prevalent fish on northern Broward piers. The days when the water is calmer and clearer will be the days to set back and keep a rod rigged with a large Cobia jig, watch for rays and those Dark moving fish behind them or around them should be cobia, toss out past them, give a couple of jigs to get there attention and they should be on it. If you are going to fish a bottom bait try using a Blue runner head. Another fish that will be caught will be King Mackerel mostly on the Northern piers a single trolly rig or as others call it a slider rig with a live Goggle eye or Ballyhoo will do the trick.

We should also see after any storms and rough water some nice size Mutton Snappers move in and around all the piers. I am never surprised when I see a 7lb to 10lb Mutton caught this time of year.

Also a good mix of fish will be caught from our Southern Broward piers, Spanish Mackerel, Bonita, Amber jacks “Lesser and Greater” Make sure you know the difference because the size on a lesser is not less than 14″ or more than 22″ fork -Daily Bag Limit is 5 per harvester. For the Greater Amber Jack minimum size limit is 28 inches fork length, Daily bag limit of one fish per harvester per day,
and they look very similar. Cobia are around the Southern piers but there are many shorty’s that do not make the number unlike the ones to the North. Bluefish are always a sure bet at night and numerous Black tip and Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks, some Mangrove snapper are also caught under the structures at night.

From the surf the Southern end will be better with Pompano starting to show, along with 3 to5 lb jacks, there will also be plenty of Pan fish like “Mojarra,” large ones, Croakers, Southern or Gulf Kingfish “Whiting” these can be caught from the beach using a double hook rig like a pompano rig with small pieces of shrimp.

Our Inlets will produce some great fish also, fishing live shrimp on a troll rite on incoming or outgoing you may get a Snook “Out of Season let it go”, Sheephead, Tripletail and 6 to 8lb Cubbera or Mangrove snapper working the edge drop offs from the sides through the inlets.

What is great about fishing this month and the next couple of months is we have a lot of different fish around so you don’t know what you may catch until you try so get out and find a nice place to take some time and fish and enjoy this time of year it only comes once a year.

Happy Fishing, the Boatless Fisherman…aka Tom Argue…a Fishing Friend
Please Visit my Web Site www.boatlessfishing.com

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BEWARE-WARNING WARNING-Apex predators have invaded your beach !! SHARK !!!

Well the Migration of Sharks have found Broward County, Thank you.
Last two nights I have seen numerous Spinners and some Black Tips swimming through the floods on a Broward County pier. They are lit up for I think two reasons one Females and two Food.

Sharks invade

Toothy Critters

I had a unique experience this morning around 2am when I was tossing a strip and pulling it through the water and as it got to about 10 feet out from the pier and this pier is only 12 feet above the water, I watched a Spinner come in from the left at about 11 o’clock and another comes from about 3 O’clock and a Jack or Blue came up on my strip and unseen spinner came straight up under that fish and did a beautiful spin as it breached the water no more then 12 feet from me and when it was air born I could have laid down on the pier and pet its belly.

I had never thought I would get to witness a spinner cork screwing out of the water so close and with a straight on view so I saw everything, Totally AWESOME, I can say it was better then catching it.

Well I am to the thinking that the next couple of weeks will be fun, so dust off those Big Spinning reels and Rods, that’s all you need to get these, At times they may even take a Large Hard Bait Lure.
I like a strip of of fish about 8 inches long and pulled through the water in front of them and let it drop as they pass, I love to watch them turn and dive on it.


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