Good morning everyone, Phil here with this weeks report from Singer Island.

Arrived at the Island later than normal,around 4pm in the afternoon. I had a uneventfull day trying to buy a car for my wife and dealing with car salesmen mumbo jumbo. So getting my lines wet was the first thing on my mind after we were done.

I had picked Joel up from his house and we hit the tackle shop. Picked up 2 dozen live shrimp and a box of sardines and we were off.

I decided to start with the live shrimp. After about an hour all I got was my bait taken and need to switch things up. I decided to setup my new Avet6 with a dead sardine on a bottom rig.  Rigged up and let her rip right over the rocks…..the wait was on…… or so I thought….

Now as im walking back to set my rod in the holder, My wife runs over and asks if I can put a shrimp on her rod so she can get some action. I hand her my new rod/reel combo and proceed to bait her hook. No sooner does the rod touch her hands she screams that she has something! The pole is bending and turning and shes cranking and cranking. It was the fight of her life she yelled! After about a good 10 minute fight she pulls up what we estimated a 15-20 pound Jack Crevale. Not only was this her biggest fish to date but the first fish on the new rod/reel set up.

She showed the rest of the guys she can hold her own with a rod and reel! Great job Rebecca!

After seeing her pull up the Jack I figured it was about time I got some fish in the cooler. She was done fishing and retired to the blanket for some rest. 

At this point we were out of shrimp, so I decided cut sardines is going to have to get the job done. oh boy did it.  Casted my line out and no sooner does it hit the water the first Mangrove snapper comes up. nice size 13 inches a great way to start off.  In about an hours time we ended up limiting out on grovers.  Largest of the group was a 15 incher belonging to Joel, shortest was 11 inches


During the Grover run, I ended up hooking up to a nice jack as seen in the pics.  We did have alot of times hooking up and getting ran into the rocks and broken off.

We were also informed by a on looker from the 10 floor of another condo that there was a 8ft hammerhead swimming inside of where we were casting. Seems like he was chasing the jacks that were in the surf. My wife would have had the fight of her life if the shark hit her jack she pulled up. 

I must say this was my first time fishing with my conventional Avet. I’m so impressed with the way it handled the fish. The cranking power is there as well as the TQ to move fish in and away from structure. so again gotta say thank to Jeff @T&R tackle for a great price and great service on the reel.

Stay tuned for next weeks report….