Good Afternoon Anglers. Switching things up a little bit this Sunday afternoon. The Team and I decided to head over to the Blue Heron drift boat for a afternoon on the water. We arrived around 1230 and awaited to board. Once boarded we rigged up and headed out.

We arrived at the first spot maybe 30 minutes later and it was lines down. Joel immediately got hit with his first Yellow tail. After re baiting he went back in. and bam another one he was on fire. as was the rest of the boat with pulling up yellow tail and HUGE Mutton snapper.  The boat did very well with filling the cooler. all in all everyone caught at least 1 yellow tail. we tallied 7 Yellow tails,and 1 Grover. We did catch a few Grouper who were under the 20inch mark. they were returned to the ocean. The Pool winner was a single King that got pulled up by one of the regulars.

on a side not Joel won the Raffle for a free trip. congrats to him