I will start to the north at Hillsboro inlet with the Party Boats and then move to Anglins Fishing pier, Reward Party Boat and finish in the Keys on Channel two Bridge.

Party Boat fishing Snapper,King Mackerel, Grouper
07/03/2010 Grouper, Kings, YellowTails

The Helen S on last Saturday Morning was on the slow side with only three Kings and a few Yellowtail Snaper, and small Grouper.

Fish City Pride 07/03/2010 Kings, Yellow tails, Triggerfish

Fish City Pride had a better morning with a extra king and one that hit 15 to 20lbs, Triggerfish, Yellowtails, Blue runners, and a mutton snapper thrown into the mix.

Kings, Snapper and Porgys 07/07/10

Both Boat Helens and Fish city pride had slow trips. With catches of Kings, Yellowtail snapper and Porgys, and Mutton Snapper. This photo is from Fish city pride

Great Day for Fish city Pride on 07/08/2010

Fish City Pride on Thursday had a Nice African Pompano, a mess of Yellowtail snapper and a heck of a number of Mutton Snapper.

Nice size Mangrove Snapper pushing 5 to 6 lbs
Nice size Mangrove Snapper pushing 6 to 7 lbs from Saturday 07/03/2010

Anglins Fishing Pier:
Saturday – Barracudas, Big Mangrove Snapper and smaller ones,Bluerunners.
Monday – Yellowtails and Mangrove Snappers, Cero Macks.
Tuesday – Lane, Mangrove, Yellowtail and Mutton Snappers with some Blue runner thrown into the mix.
Wednesday – Mangrove, Yellowtail and Mutton Snapper.
Thursday – Blue Runners, Macks, Yellowtail Snapper.
Friday – Barracudas, Mangrove and Yellowtail Snapper, Jack Crevalles

Chad with a couple of Nice barracudas from 07/03/10

Nice size Jack Crevalle this catch is fron 07/06/10

Here is our friends that pass on a regular basis.

Our wonderful freindly Manatees taking a pass by the pier.

Reward party boat on Thursday had a medium night of fishing with Mangroves, Muttons and a few Yellowtail snapper.

Monroe County Channel two bridge.
Monday Night, Mangroves were hitting well.
Tuesday Morning the mangroves continued and then a couple of Muttons were put in the cooler with those Mangrove snapper, At night we only hooked up with Tarpon and the snapper seemed to have went hiding.
Wednesday mainly undersize Black grouper on every cast in the morning and then a few keeper mangroves were pulled.

During the three days we also caught bucoo Nurse Sharks, a Toad Fish and a couple of cudas.

Bait was plenty at night catching Horse Pilchard, and Small google eyes.