Good Afternoon everyone!  Hope everyone had a great weekend. Did a little night time fishing on Saturday night with the boys. I arrived at singer around 7pm. Upon arriving I was informed of a little treat the guys had for me. Earlier in the day Curtis and Joel went on the Blue Heron drift boat and had caught some king fish. Needless to say it was on the grill when I arrived. Thanks again guys.

We got out around 8pm to calm seas and a northern current. We decided to use some Bonita strips on our 6/0 reels to see what was patrolling. We paddled out our baits and started fishing the reef. No sooner did we get our lines in Curtis”s reel starts screaming.  After a brief 15 minute fight he managed to land a nice 4 foot either Spinner or Lemon shark. As Curtis is re baiting his rod my line goes off!  I dropped my Snapper rig and grabbed my rod. Ended up being a nice 20+ pound Jack. It seems the jacks have been hanging out along the rocks at sunset every day. If your looking for some action the Singer Rocks are where it is at. As the night went on Curtis landed 2 more sharks.

Now the one that got away. I was preparing to leave and the boys convinced me to set up one more time.  I said sure for old times sake why not. About half hour later the line starts screaming, we run grab it but nothing….. set it back down and 2 minutes later shes screaming again! This time shes on…. well kinda…. I start reeling in as hard as I can and she starts pulling line like a freight train.,Than out of no where the line is slack. I reel it in and find a Blue Runner has taken my bonita strip. After close examination we notice the back half of the runner is missing and has a HUGE gash by the gill. We suspect some big shark grabbed it and just ran with it, never bitting threw to the hook.


Arrived around 1230ish, After setting out gear up and walking to the beach we soon realise today is not going to be a good day. The tide was DEAD LOW. To the point that people were standing on my snapper hole rocks and only their knees in the water.  The current was non existent, water was as flat as a bathtub and as warm as one. We tried for snapper all day but not a nibble. The bait situation was THICK, Pilchards and Greenies all in the shallows feeding by the rocks. With one throw of the cast net we filled our bucket for the day. As we were getting ready to head home my wife’s 4/0 goes off. She quickly runs, straps her fishing harness on  and grabs the rod. At this point we were just happy to have a fish on. She fought it with all her might and after 20 minutes she pulled up her first Nurse shark. Here she is right before she released her back


All fish were released safetly back into the ocean. Hopefully things are better this coming weekend.