Screams of panic, then the action of those screams “the people swimming” running for their lives, as Huge schools of Bluefish are moving North on their Spring migrations and are at consistently 14 to 18 pounds and traveling in numbers that only nightmares are made of and they are consuming everything in their paths, swimmers run from the water with bites in there extremity and bleeding.”its a scary moment because most are thinking sharks” but its only bluefish the Atlantic piranha its 1969 South Florida. Those were the Days, will we see them again I doubt it marine management could never bring them back unless they shut them down to harvesting period for many years.

Well we don’t get massive schools of bluefish like the 60s but we do still get bluefish runs, The spring brings us the bigger ones moving north and the fall has the 1 to 6 lb range, more schools in the fall but the little monsters of the shore can still go as big as 20lbs on the spring run north.

Eric catching Bluefish on Top water lures
Eric catching Bluefish on Top water lures

Well when these bluefish are schooling through in large schools they are easy because they hit anything that moves, a large Top water is great because you get to watch them chasing and fight for it.

But when they are few it makes it tricky, here is some suggestions for Atlantic side of Florida.

Fresh cut fish is the best I find, the oilier the better, they will of coarse eat just about anything. The first caught sacrifices its life to become thier dinner, they do love to eat themselves, this is for real and do not think I am putting one over on ya.

Rod of choice med to large spinner with 20lb test, I use appropriate weight and use about a 60 lb leader, yes you will loose some not using wire, I also use a 5/0 or 6/0 circle hook attaches to that 18 inch leader, the weight is sliding on my main lines.

So here is the rig in a nut shell:
Weight goes on main line then barrel swivel then leader and hook to the swivels other end.



Pick your spot and do not move, so make sure that area does have Blues around, “If they are there they will find it” and cast to the same place every time,
“CAST TO THE SAME PLACE EVERY TIME” I said this twice because it is very important.

Brian with his catch of Bluefish
Brian with his catch of Bluefish

The reason for not moving and staying in the same place with your bait is because I believe you end up scenting that area and once they find it they will return to that area they located food on there munchy map and continue to pass that area every so often, sometimes its a 5 minute gap and others its 30 minutes, who knows how many munching spots they have listed for that area.

This works for me and when it comes to fishing all fish can be a fun catch and sometimes we fisherman like to think we have them tuned in and know our prey or challenge – Weeeeeeeeeee Don’t.