I have had some great times with Fishing friends and just regular friends shrimping, lots of Laugh, Jokes, and just down right ribbing and drinking.

Most nights when they run the wind will be blowing SE at about 16 to 22mph and sometime a nip in the air that ends up getting you when your cleaning the shrimp, your tips of your fingers will go numb and you will not realize how many times you have poked and slashed your finger tips.

Dave Wimberly shrimping 2011 February
A Good Friend Dave W aka Pompano Wimberly

That sweet pain will follow these great times.

Stop at the store Beer and ICE as we empty the beer from the cooler as we shrimp, this will give the room we need for the Shrimp we catch and helps us to drink fast “just Joking” well there’s nothing like slamming a yoohoo, so fill it with Beer over 21, under 21 Orange Soda and Yoohoo it works just as good.

Jeff Dillon shrimping 2011 February
Another Good friend Jeff Dillon shrimping 2011 February

Finding your place at the location you have chosen is always first on the list, once you get there it is time to put together and put down your first piece of equipment the lantern or Battery fish lights which have become very popular, I am old school propane lantern with a custom dome hood to reflect the glare, this is then attached to a rope to be lowered 2 to 3 feet from the water, “not to close” it will get taken out on a big wave, if it has been on for a while it will crack or shatter the glass this can stop you in your tracks, remember tide and that if its coming in the water is going to get closer to the bottom of the lantern So be careful

Now put together the Net, before you drink 2 yoohoo’s it does become difficult after a choco rush, once net is together. We drink and wait, we laugh and drink more, SHRIMP SHRIMP there everywhere – OH my god thats a baby lobster.
A scramble occurs and a mad dash for nets to protect and secure your area for shrimp.

Nets are down and shrimp are coming so fast that your only working a 6 foot radius and you still can’t get them all and before you know it the bucket is half full, you slow for a minute and want to take a break DO NOT DO THIS continue on. Oh well you give in and stop, the back and arm are twitching out from the 45min to 1hour work out and a few minutes leads to 20 minutes and before you know it the shrimp are slowing down, so you get back in it, but now for every shrimp there is three shrimpers on it and the RAIL JOUSTS BEGIN.

THE PAY OFF in shrimp not a great night but fun none the less
THE PAY OFF in shrimp not a great night but fun none the less

Let the Games Commence, first — all must joust the rail and in most cases if you have one friend on one side and another on the other its all out war. But many will work together to squash the one in the middle, so you must hone your skills to manage a good night of shrimp as a middle man.
Right of way is if you can get to it first and scoop it, its yours. Extra extensions give you advantage on one side as for your reach but slows down reaction speed at the net, Small holes create drag, wider rims skim a much larger area and there is a lot more to it but that is learned by doing.

Crash-CRASH-CRASH the heads of the nets come together and your friend to the right manages to get that shrimp and then another comes in to view and the left shrimper goes for it and the right shrimper puts his net over yours and you move slow and LOSE, this will continue until the button is pushed Gotta love that moment when it becomes NOT FUNNY

But it is for fun, where can I enjoy this one may ask, well I find them from seawalls, sides of bridges, Jetties, Piers, Docks, even the beach a few times.

Here are places I check out Hilsboro Inlet, Government cut and Port everglades, Marinas very close to inlets off there docks, Fishing Piers, the sides of Bridges in the Keys I have done well in the Keys.

Don’t take it to serious because these days it about having an experience and sometimes you come up with a lot of Shrimp and the Boil is ON and this is LIFE hanging out with good friends and eating and drinking and doing something together.