Boatless Fishing Broward Forecast

Bait this month will be Ballyhoo, Goggle eye, Big Thread herring “Greenies”, We may see some small sardines at the North end. Speckled swimming crabs “Calico” have been abundant on the beaches, I would say there must be a Permit swimming close by.

March is a great month it will hold a more consistent bite and there will be more fish along the coast. Bluefish should be around any night we have a good wind off the ocean. Big Spanish Mackerel should also be in the area along with Bluefish during the day. On the Southern piers Snapper, Mangroves and Muttons and, in the past, I have seen some nice Cobia’s caught this month in the the 30 to 40lb range.

Pompano Madness on our piers will begin and anywhere they are being caught should be chaos, as always. But they sure do taste good don’t they. They will bite to the South best, we will see them also on the Northern piers. The morning and evening bites should be best and it will be great to be out on the wooden planks enjoying a good bite with fishing friends.
I am looking forward to some awesome fishing this month.

Best bet from the beach or pier for Pompano will be a double drop loop rig, #2 khale hooks with baited Sand Fleas or fresh shrimp. I advise you to cast as far from the beach as you can get or fish from a pier in the pompano area, it’s funny but they always seem to run in one area on a pier. Banana Jigs “daffy jig: Docs Goofy Jig all work well if you are jigging from the piers and sometimes you can score big time from the beach with jigs as long as they come in shallow though.

Black tips and Spinner sharks will invade the North end of Broward but will be everywhere. A 4/0 wide and cast from the shore should find them this month and a nice head bait from a lady fish will work great. They are a great fight on lighter tackle and I prefer 40 to 50lb test and I love to see them do their aerial acrobatics and rocket spins from those 100 to 125lbders “Catch and Release” that’s how I play with them.

Don’t forget the perfectly seasoned shrimp that will be in our waters this month. We should have a few evenings into the late night to be able to net enough for dinner and they will go great over a Pompano filet. So look for East winds with a North current and a full moon normally helps too.