Happy Independence day, July is here and the kids are loose -SCHOOLS OUT- Time to keep our kids busy. This month is great for early morning fishing trips to the beach, pier or Jetty and finish the morning off with swimming time.

Best bait for the shallow areas is fresh pieces of shrimp or live ones on smaller hooks, size 4 or 6 on a chicken rig this is a great rig for kids rods and you will find roaming those areas Sand perch, Lane snapper, small Jack crevalle, Blue runners these should make them happy if they are biting.

More and more tarpon are passing heading north everyday now and should peak out this month. Most should be busy catching Mangrove and lane snapper off our piers this month they will increase in numbers as the summer bait builds up through the month, Mutton snapper have started to be caught with a little more consistency around the piers with hard bottom or reef.

This is a great month to target barracuda they stack up in the clear water along the shadow lines and on the sandy bottoms, a steel leader and using a live bait will get them fired up, I also like tube lures aka Cuda Killers cast out and retrieve in fast while jigging in and if they are hungry you are on.

Baits this month in our water should be Pilchards, Greenies “Thread Herring” small Ballyhoo, Goggle eye, maybe some resident mullet moving.