How to fish for them from land
June 2 2005 Written by the Boatless Fisherman..TA

Cobia I say are one of the fringe benefits or lucky draws of fishing. Without a boat you can’t go to them so you are waiting for them to come to you. A pier is mainly where I have caught but a few times on beaches and jettys. Half of the cobia I have caught were surprise catches and the other half were sighted and caught fish.

Surprise catches comprize of throwing out live baits and dead bait heads fishing for mackerel, bluefish, snook and snapper on bottom rigs or liveline in the day and night. I got the hit made the hook and reeled in a Cobia. I have not found the fight to be that special, but I find they sure do “taste good”.

Sighting the fish is a little different from luck fishing. I always watch for big rays, Manta rays are the most likely to have Cobia followers. I find I see more in the end of fall and spring and a few odd balls at other times. Do not make the common mistake of thinking it is a shark, look carefully, the dorsal fin is a dead give away. I try to be vigalante at the end of fall and spring to always keep an eye out and have a large bait “Live big shrinp, Pilchard or something stinky” to throw. They will also hit jigs and lures and numerous artificials.

Fishing Rod I use is a medieum to large spinner 650 baitrunner on a heavy 6 to 7 foot spinning rod with 15 or 20 lb test and a 60 mono leader attached with a double uniknot and a 3/0 to 7/0 hook depending on size of fish.

When I see the Cobia’s ,almost always more than one, with the rays I don’t get freaked out. They are not going anywhere fast, that ray is more than likely going to take a few swoops around a pier. Not so at jettys and beaches though, you sometimes have to follow because they will move with and in the current.
I cast my bait in front of the ray and just as the ray goes to go over it I lift a little so it simulates the ray disturbing the bait on the bottom and they will normally hit on the drop. The same goes with jigs I find. Now catching Cobia this way seems to generate more of a fight and it is a blast. They don’t fight like a snook, it’s more like tug of war and it’s fun.

There are many ways of fishing for all species of fish so try different methods you never know what might work.
Well I hope this helps you to be more productive with Cobia.
written by Boatless Fisherman….TA..