May 26 2005                                      written by the Boatless_Fisherman..TA

May is coming to an end, that means so long Snook. By the time this is online there will be five days left to find your keepers. I will be biding my time fishing cooler day time hours at tide changes to maximize my chance of hook ups. I would plan early mornings, evenings after 6:00 PM and all night long in some places.
Arrive at your fishing spot early to give you enough time to fish One hour before tide change and one hour after.
Most of my time will be spent at the Inlets Boynton, Hillsboro, Sebastian, fishing the drift “current” with either a live bait on a liveline or a 1 to 2 oz feather jig (you could put a live shrimp on the jig also if you want.) Retreive with a slow steady retrieve adjusting your depth with the retrieve speed, start high and work to a lower depth or vice versa, fish 60 min before the “incoming or outgoing” and 60 minutes after.Continue Below picture

Roofer Dave Snook Juno Pier

Stopping by Juno fishing Pier I would try half a fillet of fresh mullet sliced long ways or some type of baitfish and fish on the bottom, under the end of the pier or inshore underneath using a bottom rig with a barrel sinker. This cut bait will help in getting a keeper Snook – they eat scraps. Woof, woof come here puppy! I may toss out a croaker on the 4/0 on a live bottom rig off the tip of the T or under it if I want a MONSTER.
Anglins Pier the water will have to be just right and I don’t know if we will get the right conditions by the end of this season. You would want to see about 2 to 3 foot swells or waves and a little murky with a SE or NE wind. An East wind sometimes works using a live bait, Mullet or catch a white grunt, something alive, put it on a liveline or bottom rig. It will get hit so hold on.
Rickenbacker I haven’t fished for a while but I would try a live shrimp on a 3/0 short shank hook attached to a 40lb leader and that attached to your line I would toss out and let drift back and under the bridge you may need a spilt shot or two.
Florida Keys and Monroe County season is closed NO KEEPING!!!!!, they close a month ealier than the Atlantic Season.
Tight Lines the Boatless fisherman..TA