“A little early by a few weeks but soon to be here”

Because these fish at this time are out for the hunger of it and the sport with the water just filled with food. At times I have seen so many Mullet for so far and you could see as the swells came in the hundreds of little heads and tails wishling around and as a big fish would creep up from below and they would all at once like a wave in a stadium move and at night watching with shoreline light seeing huge silver sides envolping waves of white from all the mullet splashing up for as far as you could see with the darkness of the night sky in the back ground and the sounds of the fish “remarkable and unforgetable”.

When fishing at this time it comes in bursts and I always have a back up rigged rod so if I get cut or something I am ready because it can be fast and furious.
This is my set up for fishing the beaches on the move, “this is an ideal start” but you use what you have when its going down.
1.Live well with 6 to 12 live mullet
2.Bait cooler “Live Fleas” Cut bait Fresh Mullet or something fresh, Lots of Drinks and snacks A MUST.

I have 7 rods in my Jeep:
Main rods used.
8 Foot med flimsy Throwing rod
6 Foot Lure rod 8 to 12 lb test
5 Foot bait and Jig pole 6 lb test line

These rods are with me just in case.
10 Foot Surf Rod Spinner 25lb test line
11 Foot 4/0 40lb test Line
9 Foot Penn 990 Conventional for surf casting also 30lb test line.
6 and 1/2 foot Tarpon Rod Custom Spinner 15 to 20 lb test line for free line big baits.

Now I travel down to the beach with 5 gallon bucket and in that is a smaller bucket and that has my tackle in it and one box of my favorite lures and jigs and I take these rods 8 foot med flimsy Spinner with 20 lb test this is a Thowing rod: Rigged with heavier lures and spoons for Bluefish, Snook, Tarpon, Spanish Mackerel, Big Ladyfish, Big Jack Crevalle.

6 Foot Lure rod 8 to 12 lb test line: Rigged with small to medium lures and small to medium spoons Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Big Ladyfish, Big Jack Crevalle.

Spoon two way I use: 1. Slow flutter up and drop , Flutter up and drop slow to medium retrieve. 2. Let sink to bottom, then fast retrieve up until you get a foot or so under the surface and let drop to the bottom and fast retrieve.

There are many variations.

1.Steady retrieve Try different speeds.
2. Steady retrieve with a soft twich.
Variations try them all if its not working on a slow retrieve, speed it up

5 foot bait and Jig pole 6 lb test line:
Used for bait fishing double drop loop rig with small gold hooks to get whitting, perch or what ever is there for use on the bigger rods if big fish are there, also use this rod to throw jigs Side winders which are worked fast and jigged and pompano jigs that are worked by popping on the bottom with a slow retrieve, I also like to tip the jig with fresh shrimp but you don’t have to, fish hit that jig.

My 5 gallon bucket is used to move about with some live bait at my side. I normaly will drive and check specific points along the beach I have found certain areas that give a great eye shot down the beach so i can see the Bait and Mullet pods and see the Birds also and then I try to determine which way they are moving, you see at the beginning they can move south and then the current changes and they will also reverse and head back north so in the beginning it is worth watching this way you set up so they come past you and you can get the most out of the pods that our moving your way, as we get further into the run the current will become more consistent to the south and so does their movement.

When seeing the pod you should be able to determine what is feeding in them or at least the size of the feeding fish 2 to 10 pound fish or 10 pounds to 125 pound fish, now you should have your poles rigged and ready, you just needed to know what rod to use and now you know so grab one and go fishing.

If the fish are big more than likely it is Tarpon or Snook and maybe even Sharks and Barracuda and maybe all together.

Best to throw out on a liveline what they are eating, don’t injure your bait to much but make sure he can’t swim properly and toss him right in the middle, Hold on.
I use my big Lures with this rod also if i do not have live bait.

If it is the other 2 to 10 lb fish throw a lure or spoon and if you have small bait throw them.
I mostly only use one rod so you can leave the rest in the car so you are lighter and you can now walk with them and fish the fish right out of the school, I choose to carry two rod minium.

I work the edges of the schools when throwing artificials and only toss into the center with live bait.

If I decide to lazy man fish I toss out my two surf rods with Fleas on one and cut bait on the conventional and then work my Jig and lure poles from where I am set up. I think it is more fun part of the time to walk with them and drive the beach jumping out and chasing them down the coast like a Mad Man its fun and trippy.

Have fun Fishing the surf and let our forum know how you do.