As the sun came up you could see small pods of bait around, breaking water every few minutes, got me going so I grabbed a rod and headed out of a few minutes.

Sunrise Sunday June 6 2010 anglins fishing pier

As I got out and made a few casts, I started to get big goggle eyes, I was throwing a small xrap, olive green. Well after 6 or so throws and 6 Goggle eyes later I get a couple of blue runners, then bam I am on a fish that was about 3 feet long and silver because I saw it hit the lure and break water, then  take off.  I fight it for a good 5 minutes and slice it cuts me  “BUMMER”  not sure what it was , I do know, but  it fought well.

I look over and there are two tarpon sitting under me, one of them is 80lbs maybe 100lbs it looked to be a solid 6 to 7 foot.  Hum I wonder how long had they had been there?

Sunrise Sunday June 6 2010

Tarpon silver king

I have to say they were cool and then I turned to look over the North side and bang.


Well I then shot out for yellowtail snapper and did not succeed, I only gave it 20-30 minutes,  but I did see one keeper get caught. Earlier a few decent mangrove snappers were caught and saw a 17″  Mutton snapper leave.

Saw a couple of Macks on the walk in and a bonita dart in and out a couple of times. Tarpon bite has been on the better side and should really get going.