Great weekend out on Singer island!  It was a hot one out there on Sunday, water color was clear, water temp was about 75 degrees. I’d say 5 knot current going North, wind was  about 8 knots blowing North West. PLENTY of bait. Jacks running just a casts nets throw from shore with greenies,mullet and silversides residing on the intracoastal side.

The morning started off with nice action with Mutton Snapper and some Grovers along the rocks. We perched up on a submerged rock and got started. Bait of choice was live shrimp. We released all snappers that were caught to fight another day.

Tarpon were rolling in – noticed schools of them while kayaking out our baits.  They were maybe 100 yards from shore and coming closer as the day went on. Kinda surreal being above them and looking down at such an amazing animal. We had numerous runs with them but no hook sets, tricky guys to catch from the beach I have noticed. Being their age they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to being a prehistoric predator.

On another note we had one serious hook up threw out the day. A live jack about 200 yards off the beach gets hit and the fight is on! I ran and grabbed the 6/0 Senator and the fight was on.  My buddy Joel runs over with the harness and its cranking time! Unfortunately we applied a little to much pressure towards the end and the knot came out resulting in a lost fish.  None the less a great fight and a great day with friends is what fishing is all about.

Till the next time tight lines,   Phil