Good morning everyone, Phil here with the weekend Singer island report..

Sat Evening- arrived around 630 and we got started.  Decided to try some shrimp on the rocks due to the success I’ve had the past few weeks.  Seemed the only thing coming up were little grunts – not much bait around as the sun was going down.  As the evening went on we pulled up 1 nice sized mutton snapper before we called it a night.  We had numerous visitors on the beach (turtles) and felt it best to call it a night so they can do there business.

Bait of choice was whole sardines-

Sunday- Arrived at the usual spot around 10am.  Everyone had lines in the water so I got started.  I had picked up 3 dozen live shrimp in hopes of the rocks producing some snapper,  rather than the plethora of grunts the evening before.  Set up my first rig and got started…..

BAM no sooner than it hits the water first snapper on, a little mangrove on the small side comes up and returned safely to his home.  It would seem if I had any kind of slack in my line as it hit the water my bait was gone by the time the weight hit the bottom.   As the next hour and a half passed, I had limited out on mangroves from 13-15 inches.  After limiting out I tested a few other baits to see what the fish would do.  They didnt blink an eye to greenies or baby mullet.  Little wind, with a decently strong north current, I’d say 5 knots or so.  Water color was murky on the rocks.

Bait of choice- live shrimp hooked as if it was a fresh water jig as well as DOA bait buster style hooking.

On a side note saw 2 things that had me concerned, while the ladies were in the water they noticed a fish playing possum or so they thought. we walked over to them and saw a dead slot snook just washing around in the surf. didnt see any trauma to the fish so not sure what got him.  About an hour later we see some sun tanners walking by the shore and start pulling out a dead shark.  Again no clue what took these 2 animals out, but very disturbing to see fish like that floating in my fishing back yard.