Dondel catch of a lifetime Giant LMB #One

My body was fighting a small pox of red scratches mark and itchy bites as I woke from a tiring slumber at seven am wondering why my rooster calls me so early and my HOA have not.  Then I realize I better feed Heidi and Mimi and take them out for organic farming ritual and head over to West Boca to meet Dondel at my secret location around nine am.  What a rain shower this morning, just added unnecessary humidity to our early morning fishing.  This time Dondel did not get lost for an hour like at the Golden Arrowana Snakehead Location in Parkland, but did saw him drove around the block before he figure where the Anorexic Buddha sat in the comfortable shade of a plane tree chasing a sleep deprivation from the previous over night clown knife fishing with Michigan Yeti in Northern West Palm Beach.

Large Mouth Bass
Giant LMB #Two

Giant Large Mouth Bass number two
Giant LMB number two

As usual on my outing to my paradise, I rarely fish, been there and done it, so I always hope to scare at least a fishy tale and today Dr. Snake head did not disappoint me.  We start out with the intention of only giant snake head fishing, the first cast of the day to a hyacinth float, Dan drag in a beast that bend his new redbone rod like a giant snake and it turn out to be a disappointing twenty four inch LMB.  It was a bad omen from the start to a humidity failure day for Giant Snake head.  I promise Dondel we could be nailing some giant possibly world record and our first of the day is a Giant LMB at quarter past nine.  I dish the bad luck and continue spot and tell Dondel where to throw from my recollection.  Half past nine, on a second cast I told him throw it to that wooded cave, I expected the record there.  Well it did not break his red bone reel but nearly took it out of Dondel hands and hand it to me.  We dive into the canal because the World Record beast is wrapping around the sunken live Brazilian Tree.  Dondel continue to apply pressure while I used my armor piercing ball bearing forge assault knife to saw and hack through the snags submerged tree trunk but after fifteen minutes, we could not see the fish any longer, tension dissipate and the hook was conveniently hook to the tree submerged roots; we just did not know what monster, could be a gator.  That Polish one he look easy and delicious but that wily skinny oriental next to him with that wicked tool, those Bruce Lee guys are plainly dangerous so the Alligators decide to leave the two frogmen alone this Sabbath morning to their giant hype.

Giant LMB # Four

Giant LMB #5 wipe off that smile, it is embarrasing for snake head brotherhood Dondel!!

We climb back to the bank and walk on a rotted dock or pier or maybe a sunken tree with a couple pallet thrown in for dexterity.  Dan threw into a bed of water hyacinth so thick we could walk on it as a floating dock.  A zoom frog land to the left flank of the bed and we heard a vacuum…oh boy finally our first snake to land of the day.   That thing just grip and dive into the rotted pallet, I help Dondel corral and while I was caught up in the euphoria, forgotten to wear gloves and Dondel braid just cut into my left little pinkie and drawn some nice blood, I grimace and piss off pull out of the rotted nail and wood another stinking twenty two inch Giant LMB.  For whatever reason we manage to land five giant LMB with the largest at 26 inch and the smallest at 22inch…I was mortally disgusted.   ….Dondel of course was ecstatic, I never knew he like fishing for Giant Bass; he has always past himself off as a friend of the Snake Head Hood.  Hmmm maybe this quiet Polish guy I have been fishing with have a deep dark murky secret, that Dr. Heckle and Mr. Hyde.  Maybe he is this mysterious snake head serial killer I have been trying to hunt down with my Barret Bravo 98!  Anyway we will leave that for another time.  Now let’s get back to the farm.

As I was dissipating our adventure by the sweat of 10 am, I landed the first and largest snake head of the day behind Boca Country Club finest cattail clump; Dondel was busy enjoying himself molesting giant LMB like a Bassophile Catholic Priest that he is.  At 11 am the game was on for Dr. Evil as he masters his new Red Bone Rod that he cuss all morning and his snake head charm is finally back–he got games.  From 11 am till 12 pm, he nail 15 snake heads with only missing four with the average snake head in the three to four pound class and I spent my time de-hooking them as fast as he was landing them.

Demon Snake Head Alligar Gar Hybrid Cross that end our fishing trip

Quarter past noon, the thunder storm cloud gathering on the horizon thicken with deceit as Thor hammer his lightning strike and Dondel caught a black demon gar fish that did not stink like a snake head, we think is a hybrid between a snake head and a alligator gar, bad omen we decide we have finished our rod slinging; the sharpshooters decided to pack ahead of the humidity Hurricane.  Wife called wondering where the hell I have been all yesterday and today Sunday morning; fishing honey!!

It was the only snake that the EVIL Dr. Dondel manage to efface, luckily my surgical skill save the fish right eye to see another beautiful day in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Well Dondel said this was the best fishing trip he had ever parlay for the largest number and size LMB he has ever caught personally,  for us it was sixteen landed snake heads caught in less than two hours with four missed, two being potential giant records.  It was our personal best ever fishing trip together.  More fishy tales you can believe!!!

Safeman:  Sardines Rule Baby!!!