Well the weekend was hit and miss.
Anglin’s Fishing Pier
Friday saw a hand full of Mutton snapper threw the day and night, Yellowtails snapper off of the tee, a couple of big Cero macks, Tarpon.

Saturday I know only of 2 Mutton Snappers caught, the Mangrove snapper bite was on with some nice 2lbders caught threw the night, we also saw a 200 to 300 Sawfish was caught and popped of as they got her to the pier, it had its complete saw which is always nice to see, being there are people that have no heart and cut them off, Tarpon also.

Sunday Yellowtail snapper, Blue Runners, Tarpon, small Mangroves.

Moonfish are everywhere

Party Boat Report
Helen S
Friday Morning trip
2 Cobia, 8 or so King Mackerel, a Mutton snapper, Trigger fish.

Helen S catch for friday, hillsboro inlet
Helen S catch for friday, Kings, Macks, Cobia

Helen S Party Boat Cobia
Helen S Party Boat a Cobia

Saturday Morning Trip
Helen S, slow day with about 25 anglers and this was all, 3 kings and 8 or so Yellowtail Snapper, Trigger fish, and a couple of Mangrove snapper.

Helen S head Boat with King, Yellowtail Snapper
King, Yellowtail Snapper, Trigger fish

Fish city Pride morning trip had 4 to 5 Mutton Snappers and Trigger fish, that’s all I heard about and no pics sorry.

Well until this Thursday keep fishing, Tommy A….aka..the Boatless Fisherman