Well Anglins Pier had an average week, with spots of action once or twice a day and one lone fish picked up at other times throughout the day.

Mon-Blue Runners, Yellowtail Snapper and Jacks
Tues- Mangroves and Snook
Weds- Porgys, Snook, Yellowtail-Mahogany-Mangroves and Mutton Snapper caught with a few Tarpon hook-ups.
Thurs-Yellowtails, Blue Runners
Fri- Mangroves,Blue Runners and Sharks

Weekend should remain as the week did with a hit and miss shot, best times to fish now are 6am until 11am and 4pm until 9pm. There’s an ok bite right now in the middle of the night for Mangrove Snapper but you have to work for them and fish all the pilons and find them. Once you do you will get a couple and then they will move again and you will have to hunt them down.

Bait is here at night in all the lights – as the sun comes up they scoot to deeper and shallow water. During the day I have seen google eyes, greenies and pilchards with micro baits in the trough.

Hillsboro Inlet Party Boats:
Weds- Helen S did not go out for the afternoon run. Fish City Pride had several King Mackerel and 30 Yellowtails.
Thurs- Afternoon trip – Helen S had Kings, Cero Macks, YellowTail Snapper
Fri- Afternoon trip – Fish City Pride had 3 nice kings, 6 Muttons, some YellowTail snappers and a Cobia.

Miami -Thursday – Reward had a good night out at the Dump Hole with nice Mangroves averaging 2 to 3 lb. They did well on them and also had Yellowtail Snapper.

Fish City Pride 06/16/2010
Fish City Pride Weds 06/16/2010 several Kings and 30 YellowTail Snapper
Helen S Thurs 06/17/2010 kings and snapper
3 nice kings, 6 muttons, some YT snappers and a Cobia
Fish City Pride Fri 06/18/2010 3 nice kings, 6 muttons, some YT snappers and a Cobia