Anglins Fishing Pier and Hillsboro Inlet Party Boats Report 06/18/2010

Well Anglins Pier had an average week, with spots of action once or twice a day and one lone fish picked up at other times throughout the day.

Mon-Blue Runners, Yellowtail Snapper and Jacks
Tues- Mangroves and Snook
Weds- Porgys, Snook, Yellowtail-Mahogany-Mangroves and Mutton Snapper caught with a few Tarpon hook-ups.
Thurs-Yellowtails, Blue Runners
Fri- Mangroves,Blue Runners and Sharks
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Anglins Fishing Pier Highlights from our Live Video feed 06/16/2010

The first fish on was a Snook, Dave Wimberley hooks it straight up and down took him a second to get the head up, but then he went to hand line him up quick to get a quick release and it frayed him off.

Well we only had to Tarpon Hook ups this evening, Jose hooked up first and Austin next, for a few second it was a double hook up, then Jose pulled the hook on his and Austin went inshore to fight his and lost it on the Bouy by the middle house of the Pier.
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Boca Raton Inlet fishin’

For the past three or so weeks, the Boca Raton inlet has been really loaded with bait. For the most part, the majority of the bait has been pilchards, along with cigar minnows, sardines, greenies, and the occasional google eye.

Boca Inlet

Boca Inlet

Attracted to the abundance of bait, tarpon have been stacking up all over the  inlet, along with some snook. Besides the tarpon and snook, some small mangrove snapper and some fierce barracudas having been making their appareances. Expect the snapper bite to pick up real soon.

An inlet regular caught this beautiful snook Monday evening:
I headed out this evening for a quick trip to see what I can hook up to from around 6:00 -8:00 PM. Bait was hard  to find at the start, but it steadily picked up and by the time I left everyone could catch bait with ease. As I arrived to the inlet, another inlet regular was releasing probably a slot snook, of course released though. Instead of going to the end of jetty, I fished around the middle of the inlet on the south side. Although nothing landed, I had one nice run on a flat lined pilchard, but whether it be a cuda or tarpon, it escaped.

Just a few pics:

Boca Raton Inlet

Another angle of Boca Raton Inlet

Boca Inlet from the jetty

Boca Inlet from the jetty

Tight lines everyone!


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Northeast Florida Report

Northeast Florida Reports will be posted Mondays for the previous week and weekend beginning 6/21/10 Reports will Include Areas from Vilano Beach north thru Jax Beach to the Fla. / Ga line. if I am able to obtain them all.
Posts will include Surf fishing , Pier & Bridge fishing including Jax Pier Kingfishing reports.

Jacksonville Beach Pier Record King caught by Dan C. during the first King season of the new pier.

As you know North Florida is limited on the amount of piers compared to South Fla but we still make do. The photo I have posted was the first King caught from the new Jax Pier and still holds the pier record at 53lbs. Others have come close but no cigar. As you are also aware we use a different type of King fishin’ from the piers up here. We use a 2 rod system called by some as Trollyriggin’ or Carolina Kingin’ wheras ya’ll in south fla Freeline for your Pelagics. I am looking forward to reporting each week and want to give Tommy and The BF Team a big thanks for giving me the opportunity to Author on this great website.

Joe Dionne
Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier

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Broward Saltwater Report for the past weekend 06/14/10

Well the weekend was hit and miss.
Anglin’s Fishing Pier
Friday saw a hand full of Mutton snapper threw the day and night, Yellowtails snapper off of the tee, a couple of big Cero macks, Tarpon.

Saturday I know only of 2 Mutton Snappers caught, the Mangrove snapper bite was on with some nice 2lbders caught threw the night, we also saw a 200 to 300 Sawfish was caught and popped of as they got her to the pier, it had its complete saw which is always nice to see, being there are people that have no heart and cut them off, Tarpon also.

Sunday Yellowtail snapper, Blue Runners, Tarpon, small Mangroves.

Moonfish are everywhere

Party Boat Report
Helen S
Friday Morning trip
2 Cobia, 8 or so King Mackerel, a Mutton snapper, Trigger fish.

Helen S catch for friday, hillsboro inlet

Helen S catch for friday, Kings, Macks, Cobia

Helen S Party Boat Cobia

Helen S Party Boat a Cobia

Saturday Morning Trip
Helen S, slow day with about 25 anglers and this was all, 3 kings and 8 or so Yellowtail Snapper, Trigger fish, and a couple of Mangrove snapper.

Helen S head Boat with King, Yellowtail Snapper

King, Yellowtail Snapper, Trigger fish

Fish city Pride morning trip had 4 to 5 Mutton Snappers and Trigger fish, that’s all I heard about and no pics sorry.

Well until this Thursday keep fishing, Tommy A….aka..the Boatless Fisherman

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Giant LMB & Snake Head of West Boca 6/13/2010

Dondel catch of a lifetime Giant LMB #One

My body was fighting a small pox of red scratches mark and itchy bites as I woke from a tiring slumber at seven am wondering why my rooster calls me so early and my HOA have not.  Then I realize I better feed Heidi and Mimi and take them out for organic farming ritual and head over to West Boca to meet Dondel at my secret location around nine am.  What a rain shower this morning, just added unnecessary humidity to our early morning fishing.  This time Dondel did not get lost for an hour like at the Golden Arrowana Snakehead Location in Parkland, but did saw him drove around the block before he figure where the Anorexic Buddha sat in the comfortable shade of a plane tree chasing a sleep deprivation from the previous over night clown knife fishing with Michigan Yeti in Northern West Palm Beach. ………………. Please CONTINUE READING—–Click here———

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