Broward Saltwater Report for the past weekend 06/14/10

Well the weekend was hit and miss.
Anglin’s Fishing Pier
Friday saw a hand full of Mutton snapper threw the day and night, Yellowtails snapper off of the tee, a couple of big Cero macks, Tarpon.

Saturday I know only of 2 Mutton Snappers caught, the Mangrove snapper bite was on with some nice 2lbders caught threw the night, we also saw a 200 to 300 Sawfish was caught and popped of as they got her to the pier, it had its complete saw which is always nice to see, being there are people that have no heart and cut them off, Tarpon also.

Sunday Yellowtail snapper, Blue Runners, Tarpon, small Mangroves.

Moonfish are everywhere

Party Boat Report
Helen S
Friday Morning trip
2 Cobia, 8 or so King Mackerel, a Mutton snapper, Trigger fish.

Helen S catch for friday, hillsboro inlet

Helen S catch for friday, Kings, Macks, Cobia

Helen S Party Boat Cobia

Helen S Party Boat a Cobia

Saturday Morning Trip
Helen S, slow day with about 25 anglers and this was all, 3 kings and 8 or so Yellowtail Snapper, Trigger fish, and a couple of Mangrove snapper.

Helen S head Boat with King, Yellowtail Snapper

King, Yellowtail Snapper, Trigger fish

Fish city Pride morning trip had 4 to 5 Mutton Snappers and Trigger fish, that’s all I heard about and no pics sorry.

Well until this Thursday keep fishing, Tommy A….aka..the Boatless Fisherman

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Giant LMB & Snake Head of West Boca 6/13/2010

Dondel catch of a lifetime Giant LMB #One

My body was fighting a small pox of red scratches mark and itchy bites as I woke from a tiring slumber at seven am wondering why my rooster calls me so early and my HOA have not.  Then I realize I better feed Heidi and Mimi and take them out for organic farming ritual and head over to West Boca to meet Dondel at my secret location around nine am.  What a rain shower this morning, just added unnecessary humidity to our early morning fishing.  This time Dondel did not get lost for an hour like at the Golden Arrowana Snakehead Location in Parkland, but did saw him drove around the block before he figure where the Anorexic Buddha sat in the comfortable shade of a plane tree chasing a sleep deprivation from the previous over night clown knife fishing with Michigan Yeti in Northern West Palm Beach. ………………. Please CONTINUE READING—–Click here———

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Snooty Clown Knife of Wellington 6/12/2010

Michigan Yeti hiding behind the Horse Country for Clown

Saturday I had to work early but by one I was free and decide to go casting for live baits, it was slim picking after three hours in the heat I manage to scare two dozen of six inch tropical smelt, they were awfully skinny than any previous year.  I had to wade in four feet of water using a twelve feet sinking shrimp cast net to really nail them.

Michigan Yeti broke up recent with his girlfriend from Michigan so he is now back haunting the local church on Sunday and I have a Clown, Eel and Kat fishing buddy back for our grave yard shift fishing.  We drove to Lake Osborne and arrive at six pm to our favorite haunt with the thunderstorm clearing up.  We were met with a country club manicured lawn at our Sherwood Forest location; garbage’s were truly absent from this bridge.  We admired the nice girls in their bikini going through our fishing spot disturbing the entire clown troop from making their usual appearance.  By seven pm we decide all these teenager brats running over our poppers and disturbing the urban Buddha meditation with the water knife God was sacrilegious.  We decide to race up to Southern and find our way into the Lake Magnolia /Wellington Area. ………………. Please CONTINUE READING—–Click here———

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Singer Island 6/12-6/13

Good morning everyone, Phil here with the weekend Singer island report..

Sat Evening- arrived around 630 and we got started.  Decided to try some shrimp on the rocks due to the success I’ve had the past few weeks.  Seemed the only thing coming up were little grunts – not much bait around as the sun was going down.  As the evening went on we pulled up 1 nice sized mutton snapper before we called it a night.  We had numerous visitors on the beach (turtles) and felt it best to call it a night so they can do there business.

Bait of choice was whole sardines-

Sunday- Arrived at the usual spot around 10am.  Everyone had lines in the water so I got started.  I had picked up 3 dozen live shrimp in hopes of the rocks producing some snapper,  rather than the plethora of grunts the evening before.  Set up my first rig and got started…..

BAM no sooner than it hits the water first snapper on, a little mangrove on the small side comes up and returned safely to his home.  It would seem if I had any kind of slack in my line as it hit the water my bait was gone by the time the weight hit the bottom.   As the next hour and a half passed, I had limited out on mangroves from 13-15 inches.  After limiting out I tested a few other baits to see what the fish would do.  They didnt blink an eye to greenies or baby mullet.  Little wind, with a decently strong north current, I’d say 5 knots or so.  Water color was murky on the rocks.

Bait of choice- live shrimp hooked as if it was a fresh water jig as well as DOA bait buster style hooking.

On a side note saw 2 things that had me concerned, while the ladies were in the water they noticed a fish playing possum or so they thought. we walked over to them and saw a dead slot snook just washing around in the surf. didnt see any trauma to the fish so not sure what got him.  About an hour later we see some sun tanners walking by the shore and start pulling out a dead shark.  Again no clue what took these 2 animals out, but very disturbing to see fish like that floating in my fishing back yard.


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Broward Fishing report–Anglins Fishing Pier 06/10/10

This report is for Anglins Fishing Pier


Well, fishing has been on the better side this week.  Keeper yellowtail snappers every day this week, also Mutton snappers and blue runners as well. A hogfish on Monday, Tuesday Triggers,  Cuda’s,  YT snapper.  Things really heated up on Wednesday with a large school of  100 or so of  35-40 lb Jack Crevalles  as they came by a few were hooked, but if they didn’t break you off, they spooled you.  Not one was brought in at Anglins Fishing Pier.  A nice 50+  Tarpon was landed.Tarpon are passing more consistently and the same person also caught a nice Mutton yesterday. (person holding the Mutton is not who caught it.) Horse eye Jacks, a lot of Mangrove snapper around using live shrimp under the pier, a good amount of Cero Macks were caught yesterday between 4 and 5 lbs.

So, if you like Tarpon fishing the time is NOW for the next few weeks it should be good.

Bait Situation:

Greenies on the pier shadowline in the day, Goggle eyes aren’t real thick and you have to hunt them down.  Pilchards in and out due to the predators hanging close to the pier. Small schools of ballyhoo in and out, crabs when the water is a little dirty and you need current – micro Baits in the trough.

Find the bite and catch the fish, Tommy A aka the Boatlessfisherman…a Fishing Friend

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Quick update on site

All seems to running be good, tonight at around 5 pm I will implement a new part of the site.

So stop by between 5pm and 8pm to check it out, look to the bottom of your screen from any page in the site and you shall see. I may a have a litlle something extra to show also, In New Orleans we call that a little lagniappe

” A lagniappe (pronounced /ˈlænjæp/, LAN-yap) is a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase (such as a 13th donut when buying a dozen), or more broadly, “something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure.”

So be there or be Square

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