Broward Fishing report–Anglins Fishing Pier 06/10/10

This report is for Anglins Fishing Pier


Well, fishing has been on the better side this week.  Keeper yellowtail snappers every day this week, also Mutton snappers and blue runners as well. A hogfish on Monday, Tuesday Triggers,  Cuda’s,  YT snapper.  Things really heated up on Wednesday with a large school of  100 or so of  35-40 lb Jack Crevalles  as they came by a few were hooked, but if they didn’t break you off, they spooled you.  Not one was brought in at Anglins Fishing Pier.  A nice 50+  Tarpon was landed.Tarpon are passing more consistently and the same person also caught a nice Mutton yesterday. (person holding the Mutton is not who caught it.) Horse eye Jacks, a lot of Mangrove snapper around using live shrimp under the pier, a good amount of Cero Macks were caught yesterday between 4 and 5 lbs.

So, if you like Tarpon fishing the time is NOW for the next few weeks it should be good.

Bait Situation:

Greenies on the pier shadowline in the day, Goggle eyes aren’t real thick and you have to hunt them down.  Pilchards in and out due to the predators hanging close to the pier. Small schools of ballyhoo in and out, crabs when the water is a little dirty and you need current – micro Baits in the trough.

Find the bite and catch the fish, Tommy A aka the Boatlessfisherman…a Fishing Friend

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Quick update on site

All seems to running be good, tonight at around 5 pm I will implement a new part of the site.

So stop by between 5pm and 8pm to check it out, look to the bottom of your screen from any page in the site and you shall see. I may a have a litlle something extra to show also, In New Orleans we call that a little lagniappe

” A lagniappe (pronounced /ˈlænjæp/, LAN-yap) is a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase (such as a 13th donut when buying a dozen), or more broadly, “something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure.”

So be there or be Square

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West coast fishing update…

Tarpon have showed up in the eggmont channel,  Reds are on the flats, and a few gator trout can still be had on the grass as well.

Skyway piers are still holding Mackeral early morning and late evening.  Blue crabs are moving on the outgoing tide.

Anna Maria pier is holding Macks as well.  Mangrove Snapper  have started to move in, use greenies or shrimp on a small to medium hook and toss under the pier, there are many keepers to be had with a few 1 to 3 pounders mixed in, take extra hooks and leader.. you wil get broke off occasionally.

Boca Grande pass has been full of Tarpon, a possible record was just caught last week in the PTTS tournament.  Unofficially it was reprted at 210lbs caught by Jim Philleps.

I also spoke to a few of the commercial fishermen today.  The oil is still about 100 miles of f the west coast.  they have had great yields on their catches, but are having a hard time selling because of fear of tainted fish.  There was a meeting held for all local captains and anglers to look into a class action lawsuit against BP for lost revenue.  The outcome of that meeting will be made available in a few days.  Thanks for your time…


Team Finaddicts

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Florida Keys 6/5-6/6/2010

With the mangrove snapper spawn coming in a month or so, decent size snapper should still be around the bridges before they head out to deeper water.

Tarpon are still pretty abundant around the keys bridges and on the flats. While driving down on Saturday afternoon, local fishing guides were packed up on the flat before Ann’s Beach. Pulled over to the side of the road to a happy customer jumping a tarpon on fly. I wish I could say he landed it, but like most tarpon he managed to unhook himself. At this flat like many others in the keys, many wade out and fish. I wasn’t able to check out many bridges, but around the 7 mile bridge the tarpon are stacked up as if they were trapped in a fishbowl waiting for their daily meal. Pinfish and crabs should work just fine!

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Singer Island 6/6

Great weekend out on Singer island!  It was a hot one out there on Sunday, water color was clear, water temp was about 75 degrees. I’d say 5 knot current going North, wind was  about 8 knots blowing North West. PLENTY of bait. Jacks running just a casts nets throw from shore with greenies,mullet and silversides residing on the intracoastal side.

The morning started off with nice action with Mutton Snapper and some Grovers along the rocks. We perched up on a submerged rock and got started. Bait of choice was live shrimp. We released all snappers that were caught to fight another day.

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Giant Golden Arowana Snakehead 6/5/2010

Golden Jewel

Golden Pale

Dondel holding Golden Rainbow

Catching Burmese python for Giant Snake bait

10lb Golden Dragon nearly bite safeman left thumb off

It was seven AM on a nice lazy Saturday morning in Boca, so peaceful one could visualize a few cows walking across the street to my house for a milking.  Ah, all the snowbirds have escaped up north. After helping a buddy in Parkland retrofit his McMansion by half past noon,  I decide to call up my snake head brother Dependable Dondel to see what’s aching.   The minute I told him about my super secret spot for Golden Arowana Snake, Dondel was calling his traffic lawyer.  I arrived at the spot a few stone throws from Parkland at two PM and did not see a soul but me and snake head heaven.  Fifteen minutes into the oppressive humid thunderstorms I have already sweated two mountain dews and missed five bites with a white scum.  Half past two I switched to a black red scum and I hooked into a ten pound beauty that was tedious to land and worrying about when a sprite was going to kiss me since I was holding a long all aluminum landing net.  Dondel called and said he is at the school and did not see me while I was unhooking the Golden Dragon?
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