Dania Beach Fishing Pier – Beach Watch

Dania Beach Fishing Pier – Beach Watch
A1A at Dania Beach Blvd at the beach
Phone: 954-924-3613
Dania Fishing Pier

  • Open 24 Hours
  • Sightseeing………..$2.00
  • Adult Fishing……….$3.00
  • Live and Dead bait
  • Lighted for night fishing
  • Get the tide for Dania area

    Common Catches
    Snapper Snook Pompano
    Cobia Permit Blue Runners
    Bluefish Barracuda Croakers

    Dania beach fishing pier itself was rebuilt in 1994,
    This fishing pier is rocks and sand until the middle of the fishing pier and gets rocky from there till the end. It is a great sight fishing pier if you are into this style of fishing, I have seen some wild things swim by: Last week I saw a huge Manta ray (6 to 7ft wing span) with three Cobia along side, a truly majestic sight.

    Off of the TEE in the North corner as far as you can cast I have caught alot of Muttons and a good time to fish is after a storm. I like to use heads of bait fish I find that they work the best consistently and I use them on a bottom rig.

    B.F. Recommended Businesses
    Local Bait Shop
    ANGLERS BAIT & TACKLE – BF Reccomends
    230 E. Dania Beach blvd
    Dania Beach, FL
    (954) 925-9995
    Beach Watch Restaurant

    300 N Beach Road, Dania Beach
    (954) 771-2900
    Driving directions
    From North/West
    Take I 95 to Griffin Road, go east to US 1, US1 south to Dania Beach Blvd, stay in the right lane, follow the signs Dania Pier, make a right turn BEFORE turning into John Loyd State Park
    On A1A going north, make a sharp right turn before the Dania Beach Bridge, follow to the north end of the Beach

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    Anglins Fishing Pier

    Anglins Fishing Pier
    2 Commercial Blvd. at the Ocean
    Lauderdale by the Sea
    Phone: 954-491-9403

    Anglins fishing pier - Lauderdale by the sea

    Anglins fishing pier - Lauderdale by the sea
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Sightseeing………..$2.00
  • Adult Fishing……….$7.00
  • Live and Dead bait
  • Lighted for night fishing
  • Rod rentals
  • 3 rod max limit and 1 Bait Rod
  • 1 rod for pompano max used at any given time
  • Get the tide for Anglins Fishing Pier
    Common Catches
    Snapper “All Year” Snook “All year” Pompano “Spring and Fall”
    Cobia “Spring and Fall” Permit “Spring” Blue Runners “All Year”
    Bluefish “Spring, Fall, Winter” Mackerel “Spring, Winter, Fall” Croakers “all year”

    Anglins Pier first opened on November 24 1963. It has been, and still is today, an important part of the City, Lauderdale by the Sea offering tourists and fishermen a Great Time. In 2006 the pier suffered damage from Hurricane Wilma and at that time the pier was only open halfway and lost what had been done from the last storm that had damaged it the year before that.
    The Pier, as of the Fall of 2006 is open and operating 24 hours a day.
    The new owners our happy to keep this Fishing pier going and will be bringing in new ideas and innovative concepts to better offer a unquie and pleasurable experience for both the Fisherman and Sightseer. They have ideas for creating ocean viewing windows through the decking of the pier while you stroll. This would give the patrons the chance to look down and through the pier to see the many different sub-tropical and tropical fish that live around the pier in their habitat and also being witness to some unbelievable catches of which so many are in Awe.
    Anglins PierAnglins Fishing PierLauderdale by the sea Fishing Pier

    Anglins Fishing Pier is close to the water so if you like to use artifcials they can be worked pretty well from the height and angle you are fishing from. I do very well with a jig at this fishing pier for Pompano, Mackerel, Bonefish, Ladyfish and jacks. Fish-like lures I find work very well for Mackerel, Jacks, Bluefish.
    Just a brief note: I only fish live baits and heads for Snook they do not respond well to artificials here

    Anglins Fishing Pier offers 2 types of fishing, sand and reef “rock” fishing. From the Bait house to the middle house is sand and from the middle house out to the ‘T’ is reef.

    Beginning of pier Croakers, Gulf kings “whiting”, Grunts and sometimes Mangrove snapper can be found in the first section of the pier, snook can be here also.

    Middle House Snook, Pompano, Permit, Snapper, Tarpon, Cobia, Bluefish, Mackerel, can be found in the section from about 4 lights before the middle house and two lights after.

    From the middle house out Snapper, Mackerel, Cobia, Snook, Bluefish, Grunts, Bonita, small Kingfish, Big Jacks.
    Typical live baits are Shrimp, Mullet, Croakers, Mojarras.
    For bottom fishing cut Mullet, Shrimp, Pichard, anything dead on bottom rig, nocker rig, chicken rig,

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    Let it rain

    Ernesto passed us by with not a scratch, that i have heard and thats a great thing.

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