The Thrill and Upset of snook Fishing in South Florida from fishing piers

The Thrill and Upset of snook Fishing
written by………JamGeorge……GN

Snook fishing, one of the greatest adrenaline rushes of fishing. If you have never fished for snook before and happen to hook into one while fishing, then you have experienced the complete inadequecy of using the wrong tackle, at the right time, to hook the wrong fish. This fish can generate so much power in the first 30 seconds of being hooked that not knowing what it is you’ve caught and trying to stop it is almost futile.

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Fishing Hillsboro Beach Inlet

Hillsboro Beach Inlet
Fishing Hillsboro Beach Inlet

  • Open 24 Hours
  • Sightseeing………..Free
  • Live and Dead bait if you catch it yourself
  • Lighted for night fishing in some locations around park
  • Get the tide for Hillsboro Inlet Marina

  • Common Catches
    Snook Spanish Mackerel Pompano
    Snapper Tarpon Blue Runners
    Bluefish Barracuda Grouper

    Hillsboro Beach Inlet, There are three or so areas to fish.

    The seawall at the bridge is one, where you can get Snook, Tarpon , Jacks, Mangroves and bait.

    You then have the docks, where you can catch Snook, Tarpon , Jacks, Mangroves and bait also.

    The ROCKS, which is the jetty on the south side beach you have to park at 16th and walk down the beach to get to this location it a hefty walk so pack light but the payoff can be good with Grouper, Snapper, Snook and bait also migratory and semi migratory Fish that is Pompano, Mackerel and Bluefish, I am not saying you can’t get these fish all year long, just at this southern point and further south, I just don’t find them in abundance.

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    Boca Raton Inlet

    Fishing Boca Raton Inlet
    Web Cam Looking South

  • Open sun up to sun down Hours
  • Sightseeing………..
  • Fishing……….
  • Beach
  • Live Bait in inlet
  • This was the closest tide area

    Common Catches
    Snook Spanish Mackerel Pompano
    Snapper Permit Blue Runners
    Bluefish Barracuda Croakers

    Boca Raton Inlet, If you fish it and would like to write the brief how to for this location, please send me and Email.
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    Boynton Inlet, Beaches, jetties

    Boynton Inlet, Beaches, jetties and seawalls.
    A1A and the inlet from the ocean
    Boynton Beach

    Boynton Inlet, Beaches, jetties and seawalls

  • Open 24 Hours
  • Sightseeing………..Free
  • Adult Fishing……….Free
  • Live and Dead bait ( if you catch it yourself )
  • Lighted for night fishing only in some areas
  • Get Tide for Boynton Beach
    Common Catches
    Snapper “All Year” Snook Croakers”All year”
    Moonfish Bluefish Blue Runners “All Year”
    Sheephead Bait ” Mullet, Pichard, maharas” Grouper

    Boynton Beach Inlet is a great place for bait, I always seem to be able to get mullet and pilchard, it also offers a variety of types of fishing and is a very productive fishing area. It is known for Snook fishing and numerous Snook anglers make it a for sure stop.
    The mullet are found in the Boynton inlet and also North side Boynton Beach lagoon area.
    Pilchard I always get at night in SW side of Boynton inlet bridge in lighted area, first light away from bridge in the inlet or in the daytime on the North jetty, Sardines on same side but back seawall.
    South jetty of Boynton Inlet I find snook on the tide change live bait or artificial (jig, Doa,) Also, I have found them on Southside beach area. In addition you will find, on that same beach, bluefish, big grunts, spots and croakers and ocassional snapper.
    North jetty of Boynton Beach inlet has mangroves down and snook on beach side, I do very well on the mackerel there in the fall and winter run on a chartreuse pompano jig tipped with shrimp also pompano can be had.
    Seawalls of Boynton Inlet have sheephead at certain times of the year if you look you will see them if they are there.
    South side back seawall of Boynton Beach Inlet has Tarpon, Snook, Moonfish, Mangroves and other smaller fish. For the Mangroves “use the sardines that are caught here for bait” For the moonfish “pieces of shrimp”, for Tarpon use live bait or large fish heads.

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    Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier

    Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier
    N Ocean road
    Phone: 954-426-9206

    Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier

  • Sightseeing………..$1.00
  • Fishing 6yrs and older…$4.00
  • Dead bait
  • Lighted for night fishing
  • Open Mon-Thurs 6:30am to 12 Midnight
    Fri to Sun 24 Hours
  • No Commercial fishing
  • No Double trolly Rigs
  • Get the tide for Deerfield area

    Common Catches
    King Mackerel Spanish Mackerel Pompano
    Snapper Permit Blue Runners
    Bluefish Barracuda Croakers

    Construction of the Entrance and New bait Shop is to begin around the middle of December 2011, The Pier will be open through construction.

    Starting December 17 2011 every other Saturday Free Fishing Lessons, this will include a Rod, Bait, Tackle for use during Lesson to the first 25 to sign up on thoughs Saturdays also a Fishing Instructor on hand to direct and help.

    Deerfield Fishing Pier. If you fish it send me reports Please.
    This fishing pier is mainly sand all the way out . The fishing pier is known for its Large Catches like King Mackerel and other large species of fish that you would normaly find in deeper water.
    They also use Trolly Rigs most of the time off of the tee, I have heard the gulfstream juts in and helps to supply the fish they catch ???? There will be more on this pier shortly.

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    Dania Beach Fishing Pier – Beach Watch

    Dania Beach Fishing Pier – Beach Watch
    A1A at Dania Beach Blvd at the beach
    Phone: 954-924-3613
    Dania Fishing Pier

  • Open 24 Hours
  • Sightseeing………..$2.00
  • Adult Fishing……….$3.00
  • Live and Dead bait
  • Lighted for night fishing
  • Get the tide for Dania area

    Common Catches
    Snapper Snook Pompano
    Cobia Permit Blue Runners
    Bluefish Barracuda Croakers

    Dania beach fishing pier itself was rebuilt in 1994,
    This fishing pier is rocks and sand until the middle of the fishing pier and gets rocky from there till the end. It is a great sight fishing pier if you are into this style of fishing, I have seen some wild things swim by: Last week I saw a huge Manta ray (6 to 7ft wing span) with three Cobia along side, a truly majestic sight.

    Off of the TEE in the North corner as far as you can cast I have caught alot of Muttons and a good time to fish is after a storm. I like to use heads of bait fish I find that they work the best consistently and I use them on a bottom rig.

    B.F. Recommended Businesses
    Local Bait Shop
    ANGLERS BAIT & TACKLE – BF Reccomends
    230 E. Dania Beach blvd
    Dania Beach, FL
    (954) 925-9995
    Beach Watch Restaurant

    300 N Beach Road, Dania Beach
    (954) 771-2900
    Driving directions
    From North/West
    Take I 95 to Griffin Road, go east to US 1, US1 south to Dania Beach Blvd, stay in the right lane, follow the signs Dania Pier, make a right turn BEFORE turning into John Loyd State Park
    On A1A going north, make a sharp right turn before the Dania Beach Bridge, follow to the north end of the Beach
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