February – Broward Boatless Fishing Forecast

Boatless Fishing Forecast

Well made it through the lull of January, this month things will definitely start to pick up Boatless fishing wise, End of February marks the start of Spring for our springaling fish.

Bait for this months will be the same as last, Ballyhoo, Google eyes, Greenies “Thread Herring” and some Mullet in small schools lulling around the shore.

What we should see being caught as the month goes on is Bluefish and they should be on the larger size, every few years we see the 12 to 15lbders move back north and lets hope this springs brings them through, everyone always likes catching the Big Blues. Pompano will start to show in better numbers and will be best caught to the south end of Broward, south of Port everglade that area is always best for the spring. Spanish mackerel will also start to show in better numbers. Snapper, Croakers, Whitting, Margates will be in the mix also.
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Hello and Welcome


BF REEL Time News area is mainly stuff I wrote or write each month with info relevant to the NOW. For other Saltwater fishermans methods and fishing reports please check out the Boatless Fishing Forum, we have over 7000 members and over 20,000 Topics about Shorebound or Landbased Fishing. This site is to help you to catch fish, but you still have to put some time in and no ones going to give you exact fishing spots unless its a Public fishing location, but many will help in finding or sharing info on areas where your interested in fishing.

As for the NEW people stopping by, please make sure you go by and register at our forum you can ask questions and find a lot of valuable information there.

Enjoy your read Here, and see you over at our Forum or by the water.

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April – Browards Boatless Fishing Forecast

Bait for April along our shore we should see Pilchards starting to show up and Silver Mullet moving north, thread herring “greenies” should be running the shadow lines of the piers and some of the piers will be holding a good amount of goggle-eyes.

Pompano that was caught on Anglins Fishing Pier

Rick with a very Nice Pompano

Shrimp have been in the Broward area last month and I only saw a few good days, but I do expect to see a few in April so keep your dip nets and lanterns ready and if you see a good SE wind for a couple of days find a place you can shrimp from that is close enough to the water to use a 18 foot dip net, the inlets work and you can shrimp from the seawalls or rock jettys, Hillsboro Inlet would be my suggestion.
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Warm Days – Cool Nights – No Worries – its all about Fishing

sunrise florida south florida

Sunrise from fort lauderdale beach florida fishing pier

I watch the clock as it ticks away, each moment I am a minute closer to a line in. Conditions are getting better as we get close to spring and I know fish are around my area, everything says so.

I get my first hour and a half Monday Morning its 5 am and RODS ARE LOADED and Ready. The water is clear and this is not good from what my book say’s. But it does have a nice chop and there is a school of Goggle eyes racing back in forth in the flood light on the North side of the Fishing Pier. They won’t stop moving, they are balled up tight and have lock jaw, so I figure there must be fish on them and with all the Sharks, Bluefish, Jacks around I assume this is what it must be, at least one of those species.

Well no fresh bait, but I do have some semi fresh Gogs so I cut them up into plugs and toss them in because I figure I have an idea of what’s on the side with the gogs. So with the dead gog plugs on two different poles on the south side, I jig a little in the flood light with a Capt Delo jig while I wait for the bigger poles to get hit.
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Our First real Cold Front – Broward County

So it has moved through and it is Sunday 3am in the Morning and 54 degrees and getting colder, I am expecting 47 and the weather people say 49. The wind is blowing out of the North West / North and is going to kick up and turn and come out of the NE around Sunday and that should set us good for a couple of days. This cold front is a little late but what the heck better than no cold front.

I have seen some really nice Pompano caught the last two days, many were 3lbders, some big Macks and alot of 2 to 5 lb Jacks.

So I would hope that when this water kicks up and the wind turns NE the numbers of fish will go up.

I see Monday – Tuesday and maybe Wednesday being good days to get out for sure, this weekend should produce some fish but I do expect more in the beginning of the week.

Lets see some Fish

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Red Rooster III

We have 2 of our own on the Red Rooster III out of San Diego California. FF73  & mmcauliffe pull out at 1 PM today for an 8 day trip sponsored by Charkbait. Since I was to friggin stupid to go with them, I figured I would monitor the daily reports from the boat for you. The previous trip brought back 230 Yellow fin tuna and 55 wahoo. With a 210 pound yellow fin taking first place and the jacket. And a 191 pound yellow taking second. They will probably start fishing sometime late tonight or early tomorrow morning. First report’s should be tomorrow night. Should be intresting.

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