BEWARE-WARNING WARNING-Apex predators have invaded your beach !! SHARK !!!

Well the Migration of Sharks have found Broward County, Thank you.
Last two nights I have seen numerous Spinners and some Black Tips swimming through the floods on a Broward County pier. They are lit up for I think two reasons one Females and two Food.

Sharks invade

Toothy Critters

I had a unique experience this morning around 2am when I was tossing a strip and pulling it through the water and as it got to about 10 feet out from the pier and this pier is only 12 feet above the water, I watched a Spinner come in from the left at about 11 o’clock and another comes from about 3 O’clock and a Jack or Blue came up on my strip and unseen spinner came straight up under that fish and did a beautiful spin as it breached the water no more then 12 feet from me and when it was air born I could have laid down on the pier and pet its belly.

I had never thought I would get to witness a spinner cork screwing out of the water so close and with a straight on view so I saw everything, Totally AWESOME, I can say it was better then catching it.

Well I am to the thinking that the next couple of weeks will be fun, so dust off those Big Spinning reels and Rods, that’s all you need to get these, At times they may even take a Large Hard Bait Lure.
I like a strip of of fish about 8 inches long and pulled through the water in front of them and let it drop as they pass, I love to watch them turn and dive on it.


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Our First real Cold Front – Broward County

So it has moved through and it is Sunday 3am in the Morning and 54 degrees and getting colder, I am expecting 47 and the weather people say 49. The wind is blowing out of the North West / North and is going to kick up and turn and come out of the NE around Sunday and that should set us good for a couple of days. This cold front is a little late but what the heck better than no cold front.

I have seen some really nice Pompano caught the last two days, many were 3lbders, some big Macks and alot of 2 to 5 lb Jacks.

So I would hope that when this water kicks up and the wind turns NE the numbers of fish will go up.

I see Monday – Tuesday and maybe Wednesday being good days to get out for sure, this weekend should produce some fish but I do expect more in the beginning of the week.

Lets see some Fish

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Red Rooster III

We have 2 of our own on the Red Rooster III out of San Diego California. FF73  & mmcauliffe pull out at 1 PM today for an 8 day trip sponsored by Charkbait. Since I was to friggin stupid to go with them, I figured I would monitor the daily reports from the boat for you. The previous trip brought back 230 Yellow fin tuna and 55 wahoo. With a 210 pound yellow fin taking first place and the jacket. And a 191 pound yellow taking second. They will probably start fishing sometime late tonight or early tomorrow morning. First report’s should be tomorrow night. Should be intresting.

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Fall kicking in – Are you locked and Loaded 10/10/2010

Well get it together if your not geared up,the fish are arriving and I would suggest to be ready.

The smaller migratory species have begun to move in and then the maturer ones come just after. These will be bigger and a lot more fun, we have seen Juvi Pompano with a few keepers each day along browards beaches, Bluefish are thick, Snook in the troughs, Tarpon are passing heading south in small pods of 6 to 8 and most are over 100lbs, Spanish Mackerel have moved back into the shallows now but we should see more once the water Temps make a more permanent drop into the middle to upper 70s.

Snapper bite has been pretty good with nice size Mutton snapper and some big Mangroves, day time some nice Yellowtail snapper.

The mullet are still flowing south in very good numbers and I am still seeing pilchards around and now have started to see the Sardines pass heading south, Ribbonfish have also started showing at night and a few pods of Goggle eyes.

I would bet that on the next good NE wind the bite picks up and if we could get an early cold front this would just help to kick it in to full gear.

So be ready to do some fishing, reline, stock up and prepare to catch some fish if you have the time.

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Northeast Florida Report 7/25/10 – 7/31/10

Counties included: Nassau , Duval & St. Johns Counties Northeast Florida Report includes Hot Spots from Vilano Beach, Florida north to the Fla/Ga state line. Reports come into me during the week thru phone, e-Mail and my website and are condensed down to the areas mentioned.

View Jacksonville Pier, Surf and Land in a larger map

 Vilano Beach,FloridaSurf Fishing
Water temp  82 degrees

The Pompano are back but not much size. A few trout and Drum coming in at High Tide.

The whiting actually are alot bigger now then the last few reports from here.

Best tide to fish Vilano is late incoming and early outgoing.

 Gate StationSurf Fishing
Water temps running  81 degrees

Whiting , Drum and large trout coming in during the morning and late evening hours before the heat builds

Best tide for fish is incoming.

  ………………. Please CONTINUE READING—–Click here———

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07/30/2010 Anglins Fishing Pier – Hillsboro Inlet Party Boats

Sorry for the delay, but I have been very busy and have had little time.
As for this week it has been Summer fishing, Flat to Flatter and Clear to Clearer with no change in the near forecast, so all fish that one seeks should be targeted and the best bets would be, Barracuda, Snook, Big Jacks, Mangrove Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper. August from my experience is not a great month for Mutton Snapper, but the ones that you can get will be very nice Fish, I have seen in past years some of the Biggest Muttons produced in July-August, you do not get many fish though but there is some monsters out there. Cuberra are also around this month.
Now for the month of August if a decent bait is not available try small grunts in the 2 to 3 inch range, snip of there tail so they give a little scent, as we get closer to the end of August and the tropical storm scoot by close to our coast always be ready to get fishing afterwards because when we see heavy blows for a few days the Snapper bite fires up and especially first part of September.

I have seen Cobia around the Dania area at this time of year also so keep your eyes open and the snapper fire up there after Storms also, matter of fact the last couple of years the best pier has seemed to be Deerfield and has had some strong Snapper bites after storms and also some very large Muttons coming up from my knowlegde “Don’t be hating I am just telling the truth Deer-rats”.

Also another place that will fire up with Muttons is Boynton Inlet but with the Jettys closed makes it harder to get to the majority of the fish.

A very Large Mutton Snapper 9 or 10lbs caught on 07/17/10

Anglins Fishing Report for the week ending 07/29/10 ………………. Please CONTINUE READING—–Click here———

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