Singer Island 7/10-7/11

Good Afternoon everyone!  Hope everyone had a great weekend. Did a little night time fishing on Saturday night with the boys. I arrived at singer around 7pm. Upon arriving I was informed of a little treat the guys had for me. Earlier in the day Curtis and Joel went on the Blue Heron drift boat and had caught some king fish. Needless to say it was on the grill when I arrived. Thanks again guys.

We got out around 8pm to calm seas and a northern current. We decided to use some Bonita strips on our 6/0 reels to see what was patrolling. We paddled out our baits and started fishing the reef. No sooner did we get our lines in Curtis”s reel starts screaming.  After a brief 15 minute fight he managed to land a nice 4 foot either Spinner or Lemon shark. As Curtis is re baiting his rod my line goes off!  I dropped my Snapper rig and grabbed my rod. Ended up being a nice 20+ pound Jack. It seems the jacks have been hanging out along the rocks at sunset every day. If your looking for some action the Singer Rocks are where it is at. As the night went on Curtis landed 2 more sharks.
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Northeast Florida Reports – 7/5/10 – 7/10/10

Counties included: Nassau , Duval & St. Johns Counties Northeast Florida Report includes Hot Spots from Vilano Beach, Florida north to the Fla/Ga state line. Reports come into me during the week thru phone, e-Mail and my website and are condensed down to the areas mentioned.

Report from Mon 7/5/10 – Sat  7/10/10

 Vilano Beach,FloridaSurf Fishing
Water temp  80 degrees

Vilano Beach has slowed down a bit on the Pompano and Black Drum this week compared to last report.

Only a few reports coming in from anglers on the beach catching Pompano and a handful of small Black Drum with an occassional slot Red.

Best tide to fish Vilano is late incoming and early outgoing.
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7/09/2010 Anglin Fishing Pier-Hillsboro Party Boats-Reward Party Boat-Monroe County Channel 2 Bridge

I will start to the north at Hillsboro inlet with the Party Boats and then move to Anglins Fishing pier, Reward Party Boat and finish in the Keys on Channel two Bridge.

Party Boat fishing Snapper,King Mackerel, Grouper

07/03/2010 Grouper, Kings, YellowTails

The Helen S on last Saturday Morning was on the slow side with only three Kings and a few Yellowtail Snaper, and small Grouper.
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7/4/2010 PhishingPhanatic & Spitting Cobra Snake Heads of Tamarac and SpongeBob

SpongeBob first Snake Head a respectful kilo

7/3/2010 SpongeBob Snake Head Six Months Jinx finally broken!

Late morning on a weltering Saturday, a client canceled so I decided to drag a begging Sponge Bob out to break a bad voodoo hex.  We ate some Kosher Salt and downed a pint of warm Coke before we arrived at one of Margate’s finest canals.  On hot days like this where the inclination is to strip naked, the author usually stuck to convenience store fishing – we fish a canal system that is surrounded by several we can stop at quickly to chase our heat stroke away.

Up on our arrival we were greeted by a lawn crew perplexed by our violation of their noisy strip mall parking lot sanctuary.  They were busy trimming the coco plum and Surinam cherry bushed flanking the south side of this garbage strewn mini strip mall canal – their clippings will enrich the water for  some foul smelling algae.  The two to four feet deep water was saturated with scum and bursting with hairline algae balls that seemed to ball up the scum frog we were using.  We wait for the Lawn Engineers to complete their task of blowing everything everywhere as their noise has scared a few snake head into hiding.
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Blue Heron afternoon drift trip 7/4

Good Afternoon Anglers. Switching things up a little bit this Sunday afternoon. The Team and I decided to head over to the Blue Heron drift boat for a afternoon on the water. We arrived around 1230 and awaited to board. Once boarded we rigged up and headed out.

We arrived at the first spot maybe 30 minutes later and it was lines down. Joel immediately got hit with his first Yellow tail. After re baiting he went back in. and bam another one he was on fire. as was the rest of the boat with pulling up yellow tail and HUGE Mutton snapper.  The boat did very well with filling the cooler. all in all everyone caught at least 1 yellow tail. we tallied 7 Yellow tails,and 1 Grover. We did catch a few Grouper who were under the 20inch mark. they were returned to the ocean. The Pool winner was a single King that got pulled up by one of the regulars.

on a side not Joel won the Raffle for a free trip. congrats to him

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Sharks Shark Sharks How to fish and catch them also find them-Fishing Shark

Written by the Boatless Fisherman..TA

Sharks are a hefty catch, some our tuggers and others our fighters and others our just dead weight. The best fighters, I think are Hammerheads, Then Bulls, Black tips and Spinners, Sandbar, Lemons the worst being the curse of the Nurse because it tugs and is just a nightmare – and what do you do when you get it in?

Firstly, I do hope you will be responsible and not slaughter sharks. The fish can be released or broken off, preferably the latter. Try to release them rather than breaking them off but in case you do, use bronze hooks so they fall out fast. You don’t need thirty pairs of jaws and most Sharks aren’t that good tasting so no reason to keep them. I like to see these beautiful fish swim by when I am fishing. Remember that they are a vital part of the ocean’s eco-system, fewer Sharks would eventually mean fewer of all other species. Catch them and have fun but please release.

The only ones I might keep are 20lbs to 70lbs Black tips. I find they are good to eat, particularly grilled as steaks. Also keep in mind that some sharks are protected species and there are possesion laws on them so check your laws before you fish or keep.
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