Singer Island 6/29 late afternoon

Good morning everyone, Phil here with this weeks report from Singer Island.

Arrived at the Island later than normal,around 4pm in the afternoon. I had a uneventfull day trying to buy a car for my wife and dealing with car salesmen mumbo jumbo. So getting my lines wet was the first thing on my mind after we were done.

I had picked Joel up from his house and we hit the tackle shop. Picked up 2 dozen live shrimp and a box of sardines and we were off.

I decided to start with the live shrimp. After about an hour all I got was my bait taken and need to switch things up. I decided to setup my new Avet6 with a dead sardine on a bottom rig.  Rigged up and let her rip right over the rocks…..the wait was on…… or so I thought….

Now as im walking back to set my rod in the holder, My wife runs over and asks if I can put a shrimp on her rod so she can get some action. I hand her my new rod/reel combo and proceed to bait her hook. No sooner does the rod touch her hands she screams that she has something! The pole is bending and turning and shes cranking and cranking. It was the fight of her life she yelled! After about a good 10 minute fight she pulls up what we estimated a 15-20 pound Jack Crevale. Not only was this her biggest fish to date but the first fish on the new rod/reel set up.

She showed the rest of the guys she can hold her own with a rod and reel! Great job Rebecca!

After seeing her pull up the Jack I figured it was about time I got some fish in the cooler. She was done fishing and retired to the blanket for some rest. 

At this point we were out of shrimp, so I decided cut sardines is going to have to get the job done. oh boy did it.  Casted my line out and no sooner does it hit the water the first Mangrove snapper comes up. nice size 13 inches a great way to start off.  In about an hours time we ended up limiting out on grovers.  Largest of the group was a 15 incher belonging to Joel, shortest was 11 inches


During the Grover run, I ended up hooking up to a nice jack as seen in the pics.  We did have alot of times hooking up and getting ran into the rocks and broken off.

We were also informed by a on looker from the 10 floor of another condo that there was a 8ft hammerhead swimming inside of where we were casting. Seems like he was chasing the jacks that were in the surf. My wife would have had the fight of her life if the shark hit her jack she pulled up. 

I must say this was my first time fishing with my conventional Avet. I’m so impressed with the way it handled the fish. The cranking power is there as well as the TQ to move fish in and away from structure. so again gotta say thank to Jeff @T&R tackle for a great price and great service on the reel.

Stay tuned for next weeks report….

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6/25/10 Boca Inlet fishin’

I had the time to head back out to the inlet friday evening, but this time I was not in search of snook and tarpon. I was looking for mangrove snappers. As I predicted in the last report, the snapper bite is slowly picking up. With a little bit of searching, I was awarded. When snapper fishing was slow at times, I switched to my snook rig as I just couldn’t resist and jumped (not landed) a small tarpon, but no snook this time unfortunately.

I caught about 10 grovers total (aka mangrove snapper). Almost all were around 9″ and were safely released, but I caught a keeper one just before leaving. Don’t forget that they have to be 10″ or bigger to keep and the bag limit is 5 per person. As for the bait situation, there were perfect sized sardines for snapper bait. Pilchards were there, but they where glued to the bottom and most of the time the small sardines would find the sabiki before anything else. Also, I did catch my biggest pilchard to date, an amazing creature, it had 7 black dots scattered throughout the body.

Here are some pics of the grovers caught. Sorry, no pics of the big pilchard and tarpon though.

All of the grovers were caught with small live sardines. If you put in time at the Boca Raton inlet, you WILL be awarded!

Tight lines everyone,


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C-14 Canal Clownknife & Giant World Record Canibal Snake Head 6/26/2010

Late Friday 6/25, we finally got a client new surveillance security system up and running; the afternoon fishing opportunity in the Key was stolen from us.   As we scurry home on Sawgrass Express, I have decided to stop at Atlantic and see if we can not soak in a few frogs at 6:30 Pm.   There were a few fishermen chasing bass, I decide to teach Sponge Bob how to dunk for a few snake head.   I locate a giant snake head couple with babies at the head water of this C-14 canal and had Sponge Bob practicing his skill on them.   I walk over to the dead pool to the left and right flank of this spillway, a couple disturbances in the cesspool silent just locked into my well calibrated Clown Knife’s Sniper eyes.   Sure enough it was my first Clown Knife confirmed sighting in C-14.  There were also walking catfish and bowfin that surface and can almost fool you, but the clown on the roll back you can see the distinctive lasagna cringe ruffle noodle like tail during the roll.  I also notice a couple of the clown knife was darker without spots.  Hmmm wonder if this is the African Ghost in there too?  They were very skittish and surface roll were distinctively quick and silent where the walking catfish was recklessly long.  I try taking photos but they were so quick; my I Phone 4G has not arrived yet so I can not film.   The Clown Knife was so quick I was shooting as many frame as I can but finally got some decent concentric roll with mitigating stealth ripples.
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Northeast Florida Report 6/28/10 – 7/5/10

Counties included: Nassau , Duval & St. Johns Counties Northeast Florida Report includes Hot Spots from Vilano Beach, Florida north to the Fla/Ga state line. Reports come into me during the week thru phone, e-Mail and my website and are condensed down to the areas mentioned.

View Jacksonville Pier, Surf and Land in a larger map

Report from Mon 6/28/10 – Sun 7/4/10

Vilano Beach,FloridaSurf Fishing
Water temps running 78 to 80 degrees

Vilano Beach has been slammin’ the Pompano and Black Drum this week.

Jeff and brother George F.  coming in with over 31 Pompano and a dozen Black Drum on incoming tide just off the jettie in 2 days.


Gate StationSurf Fishing
Water temps running 78 to 80 degrees

Whiting still running in the 1.5 to 2lb range and sporadic.
Pompano hitting Sand Fleas and fresh dead shrimp on late incoming and early outgoing tides. The Drum have backed off a bit with only 3 coming in on the reports.
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Broward Report-Anglins Fishing Pier- Party Boats out of Hillsboro

Well again this week it is summer time hit and miss. The more time you put in the better your odds of going home with something nice.

Tarpon that was caught and released during this week

Tarpon that was caught and released Thursday

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Dangerous Father’s Day Snake Head Fishing 6/20/2010

Bass caught following school of baby snakehead and their parents

Ahhhhh Father Day, I was suffering from early mental anguish from the dementia of a twenty five lb snook and several large tarpons at Biscayne Bay Saturday evening with Sponge Bob; we caught a heck of a lot of five lb plus ladyfish to make up the snafu but that did not rub the sore ego away.

  I rise at six am to beat the heat and went to Margate hopefully chase away the adrenaline soreness and hit a few snake head holes I knew would produce well in this swelling heat.  I arrived in the sub par strip mall with a large hidden bank embankment on South-gate Blvd and went on top of it at half past seven am, to my chagrin a pack of half dozen young teenager fathers and their little scions out fishing with their freshly minted rod and reel that have never taste dirty water until this Father’s Day crack of dawn, have invaded my comfort zone.  It was the most dangerous combat fishing I have seen in a long time, not since the last time I went out with Dondel and nearly got hit in the forehead by Dondel ballistic scum frog.
  To bad BFF don’t have a Father Day’s fishing clinic because these fathers with more tattoos than a Marine Division were hooking the live shiner the wrong way through the head. The skinhead honcho father with the “I love you Mommy & Nazi Swastika” tattoos were teaching the kids to cross line throwing and such a ruckus that even the traditional ducks and avian that keep the bank well endow in a rich layer of glazing chocolate dropping and make it wonderfully slippery to skate down the embankment to the snake head holes, scuttle to the safety of the deserted Southgate Blvd as they stretch their neck glaring in horror at the genetic misfits invading their solace on this Sunday Father’s Day. ………………. Please CONTINUE READING—–Click here———

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