Broward Report-Anglins Fishing Pier- Party Boats out of Hillsboro

Well again this week it is summer time hit and miss. The more time you put in the better your odds of going home with something nice.

Tarpon that was caught and released during this week

Tarpon that was caught and released Thursday

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Dangerous Father’s Day Snake Head Fishing 6/20/2010

Bass caught following school of baby snakehead and their parents

Ahhhhh Father Day, I was suffering from early mental anguish from the dementia of a twenty five lb snook and several large tarpons at Biscayne Bay Saturday evening with Sponge Bob; we caught a heck of a lot of five lb plus ladyfish to make up the snafu but that did not rub the sore ego away.

  I rise at six am to beat the heat and went to Margate hopefully chase away the adrenaline soreness and hit a few snake head holes I knew would produce well in this swelling heat.  I arrived in the sub par strip mall with a large hidden bank embankment on South-gate Blvd and went on top of it at half past seven am, to my chagrin a pack of half dozen young teenager fathers and their little scions out fishing with their freshly minted rod and reel that have never taste dirty water until this Father’s Day crack of dawn, have invaded my comfort zone.  It was the most dangerous combat fishing I have seen in a long time, not since the last time I went out with Dondel and nearly got hit in the forehead by Dondel ballistic scum frog.
  To bad BFF don’t have a Father Day’s fishing clinic because these fathers with more tattoos than a Marine Division were hooking the live shiner the wrong way through the head. The skinhead honcho father with the “I love you Mommy & Nazi Swastika” tattoos were teaching the kids to cross line throwing and such a ruckus that even the traditional ducks and avian that keep the bank well endow in a rich layer of glazing chocolate dropping and make it wonderfully slippery to skate down the embankment to the snake head holes, scuttle to the safety of the deserted Southgate Blvd as they stretch their neck glaring in horror at the genetic misfits invading their solace on this Sunday Father’s Day. ………………. Please CONTINUE READING—–Click here———

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Singer Island 6/20

Good monday anglers!! hope everyone had a great weekend. Great weekend yet again on singer the man made reef has been producing. Sizes are up and tarpon are moving in.

Got to the my buddies house at 1130.  Tide was dead low so we planned on catching the incoming tide in the comming hours. We headed down to the beach and got set up. Wind was maybe 5 knots, water temp was bathtub and color was crystal clear.

 Curtis got to work with the chum bag and we were fishing. I decided to set up on the rocks like the week prior, I was not disapointed catching my limit on Mangrove Snapper in about an hour,all ranging in size of 12-14 inches.

I decided to join Curtis and Joel and fish with some whole sardines on a tripple hook rig on the reef. I set up and walked back to the base. no sooner did I put it in the rod holder to grab a drink it gets hit! Grabbed the pole and reeled her in. A nice size snapper but to small for regulations.

She went back to fight another day. Later in the day another Keeper was caught.

After releasing the Snapper we stayed with the whole sardines. after catching a few little snappers, we notice Joels pole doing a lil shimmy. he grabs it and BAM fish on. He gets it threw the reef and its a nice little cuda.

She was released as well.

All in all a Good day on the Island, My advice for a good day is bring the family, a few rods and a picnic basket and let nature do the rest…….A bucket of shrimp will help


4/0 hooks with live shrimp, 1 oz weight on fish finder rig. have a tight line as soon as it hits the water or you will not feel them “snap” your bait off.  Work the reef and be prepared to have fun


Live Shrimp and sardines

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Northeast Florida Report 6/12/2010 – 6/18/2010

Northeast Florida Report includes Hot Spots from Vilano Beach, Florida north to the Fla/Ga state line.  Reports come into me during the week thru phone, e-Mail and my website and are condensed down to the areas mentioned.

Report from Mon 6/12 – Fri 6/18


Vilano Beach,Florida – Surf Fishing
Water temps running 78 to 80 degrees

Good reports of Pompano in the surf on early out going tides along with Slot Reds and Black Drum. Baits for best results have been Sand fleas and FRESH dead shrimp. Clams also used with frozen / thawed having better results than Shelled for the Pompano bites.
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Anglins Fishing Pier and Hillsboro Inlet Party Boats Report 06/18/2010

Well Anglins Pier had an average week, with spots of action once or twice a day and one lone fish picked up at other times throughout the day.

Mon-Blue Runners, Yellowtail Snapper and Jacks
Tues- Mangroves and Snook
Weds- Porgys, Snook, Yellowtail-Mahogany-Mangroves and Mutton Snapper caught with a few Tarpon hook-ups.
Thurs-Yellowtails, Blue Runners
Fri- Mangroves,Blue Runners and Sharks
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Anglins Fishing Pier Highlights from our Live Video feed 06/16/2010

The first fish on was a Snook, Dave Wimberley hooks it straight up and down took him a second to get the head up, but then he went to hand line him up quick to get a quick release and it frayed him off.

Well we only had to Tarpon Hook ups this evening, Jose hooked up first and Austin next, for a few second it was a double hook up, then Jose pulled the hook on his and Austin went inshore to fight his and lost it on the Bouy by the middle house of the Pier.
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