inshore vs offshore rod for yellowtail

How to do it, What to use.
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inshore vs offshore rod for yellowtail

Post by HJared »

I was wondering you guys impressions on the right setup to use for yellow tail?

I was thinking my star plasma rod would be good because of how sensitive it is, but it is an "inshore" rod and i am fishing offshore.

generally offshore gear is for heavier duty bigger stuff but for yellowtail inshore gear is probably fine right if not better for the best feel?

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Re: inshore vs offshore rod for yellowtail

Post by Miami_Chris »

On my boat I use a stradic 5000 and mh star seagis rod, and it's more than enough for yellowtail as long as the cuda's/sharks aren't around. When I need to get them to the boat fast I use a bg 30 on a star deluxe. When I fished the head boats, the light stuff stayed at home, but fishing that light stuff is a blast, but you will lose some big fish to the tax man.

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Re: inshore vs offshore rod for yellowtail

Post by cantseeme47 »

The biggest size yellow tail you will ever probably get into will be max 7 or 8lbs so I think a nice inshore rod with some backbone to it should be fine. Ive only ever caught 2 or 3 lbers and used a 4000 series real with 12 pound fluro line and a light medium rod
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Re: inshore vs offshore rod for yellowtail

Post by Leadslinger »

I've got two yt setups.

1st: Shimano Sojourn MH and a fierce 5000
2nd Shimano Stimula M and a okuma 3500

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Re: inshore vs offshore rod for yellowtail

Post by morrison17 »

I haven't tried offshore rod but I'll do it for comparison. :reeling:

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Re: inshore vs offshore rod for yellowtail

Post by fishnfool73 »

Use the heaviest leader and setup you can use and still get hits. Downsize as needed. Muttons and grouper love to show up in a slick when I'm using light gear for tails.
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Re: inshore vs offshore rod for yellowtail

Post by krash »

I'd be using my inshore setup's 3000/4000 (shimano size) on my start plasma's.... yellow tail can be real picky most of the time make sure you have a long light fluro or mono leader.
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