Converted a four wheel walker into a bridge fishing cart.

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Converted a four wheel walker into a bridge fishing cart.

Postby Old School » Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:56 pm

I have stopped using my bridge cart, since i wanted a comfortable chair with a backrest for resting my weary old bones while rigging or taking a rest. To solve this problem i turned a four wheeled aluminum walker into a bridge cart by bungee cording a dairy crate onto the seat. Four pvc rod holders are permently mounted to each inside corner of the crate. The walker also has storage under the seat. I use a Sierra Backpack for my tackle. The main problem was the loss of a hard cooler, so i bought a large igloo soft cooler and made a hard plastic shell to fit inside it. The shell protects the plastic liner from being punctured by fish fins or teeth. (I bought two plastic planters from Home Depot and cut them down to fit snugly inside. Then i epoxied them together). The soft cooler gets bungee corded on top of the five gallon buckets and fits snugly between the four rods. The alum walker is made to support 300 lb's and folds up to easily fit inside a small vehicle's trunk or backseat.

The dairy crate will hold four rods plus a PVC extension for a live bait rod and two five gallon buckets stacked one inside the other. One bucket is for aerating live bait and the other one has dozens of holes for keeping live bait down in the water. Inside the top bucket i have a smaller bucket for hauling up water and two coils of 3/4 inch rope. (50 ft & 30 ft lengths). One lid goes on the bottom of the crate along with a cutting board.

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Re: Converted a four wheel walker into a bridge fishing cart

Postby mil7950 » Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:26 pm

nice setup, seems like itd be a lot more efficient to push around. id much prefer pushing something in front of me rather than pulling something behind me.
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