great but no so great day of lobstering!!

This area is about hunting and catching Lobster so you will find Info, How to's, maybe public locations. Bottom line the stuff you need to know to get-cha some BUGS
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great but no so great day of lobstering!!

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this happened a little while ago in the last week of this season, was down in Marathon to spend a 3 day weekend with my aunt and little cousins. We spent it fishing the bridges and behind our private condo on a jetty/seawall, fishing was slow but after awhile I noticed several lobster's antennae sticking out from under some rocks in the jetty, suited up with my gear and took the dive and was blown away as almost every crack and hole in the jetty had lobsters in it. I spent a couple hours free diving up and down this jetty and caught so many lobsters I lost count after about 20 lol, here is where the not so great comes in, 98% were undersized by about a half inch, it was absolutely agonizing!! got some great practice by catching tons of them and perfecting my technique but at the end only a measly 3 were legal keepers :cry: still had fun catching them and didn't run into any eels, here's a picture of the first of 3 keepers, they were absolutely phenomenal on the grill!! :mrgreen:
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Re: great but no so great day of lobstering!!

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Sashimi baby!! :chef:

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