----- Can you Help ------ ???

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----- Can you Help ------ ???

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When you are going through the site and find Highly Informative fishing threads, how tos, Please make a post in them that it would make a great sticky and PM and let me know, I like to organize the informative stuff so people can find it.

I just read "The Cubanexpress" Keeping shrimp alive thread and did not know it existed until today Whoops I can't read every thread, I only wish I had the time, but this is what made me think of this and I am sure there are many more I have missed or turned into awesome threads.

So if you could help I would appreciate it, Thanks in advance
-Tommy A-

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Re: ----- Can you Help ------ ???

Post by GO4EM »

Great website for checking the current. Thanks Rob. I got it bookmarked on the Evo!
http://boatlessfishing.com/forum/viewto ... 19&t=24907

Also all the webcam addresses would be good to make into a stickey.
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