On a More Serious side

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Re: On a More Serious side

Post by DragonFire »

LOL that was a good looking devil Dog.... but since I change my name I will change my picture to a more friendly face :mrgreen:

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Re: On a More Serious side

Post by Kingofthesea »

Doesn't work. I know somewhere lurking underneath the goofy duck is still that silver surfer devil dog that's gonna be jumping out of the forum bushes calling me a Sally. Or talkin about my panties.
Those old queen slave owners that wrote our Constitution 200 years ago were brilliant.

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Re: On a More Serious side

Post by saltydoug »

I stumbled into the chopping block subforum today; all I gots to say is "dayum"; makes for an interesting read; this place is like a sewing club now.

- Peace out my brothers
edit: And Sisters in case there are any left lurking
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