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Linking to this site

Post by BoatlessFisherman »

Thanks to everyone who puts BF forums as their signature in other forums and also for those who link it in other ways.

It helps alot with traffic to the site, I know some of you have taken some heat from other forums doing this and they have made you take it off, it's a shame they feel like they have to do that.

If in the future you wish to do it again or if you are thinking of doing it, I would suggest that you use the and not a direct link to BF forum. Some of the other forums are funny about promoting forums, it may just be this forum I don't know maybe they feel threatened. I know that there is alot said about this site in other places on the internet and everything I am finding is Positive and all that I have seen has given the forum and its members the thumbs up.

They are saying they we give Great Fishing information and advice. We/you, the Members, are making this a really well respected fishing site and I suppose that is what may bother other sites.

So you know my policies I don't care about other valid (non fish murdering.....most of you know who I mean!!) fishing sites in your signatures, I don't feel that it is going to take anyone away from the BF Forum and if it does so see ya.

I find the sites that most people promote in their signatures are very good and worth looking at so you are welcome to do it in the BF Forum.

Thanks again, Tom...aka...the Boatless Fisherman
-Tommy A-

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Post by OkeeArt »

Bravo BF that is very well said and I am sure that I know of one site you mention for sure.

I would be more than happy to post your link on my site as I want people that find my site looking for help to be able to find help even if it means going to another site. Mine is a new site and it is based on fishing Lake Okeechobee . But I also love to fish Saltwater and that is why I like coming to this site.
I have found the people here more friendly and willing to help than another forum that I am thinking of.
Lake Okeechobee Fishing.

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Re: Linking to this site

Post by diggin4grouper »

on that note tommy would you mid if i posted the info for another site thats trying to get started , what this is is the sun sport fourm member have made there own , since the sun sports fourm is no more it is now fox sports but any way would you mind if i posted the link ?


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Re: Linking to this site

Post by FlyFishin321 »

Well said.

Even though this may not be the most populated forum, without question it is the closest. There is very little pointless posting( except from a select few :jester: ), almost no bashing, and/or other questionable acts.
-That being said I would be happy to show support to this forum and the members that make it. :toast:

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