Two Rods one Kingfish...

Lets hear those tall Fishing tales, I have heard so many times fishing all night on the pier with fisherman.
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Two Rods one Kingfish...

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This happened what seems like ages ago on Halover Pier. But I haven't and likely never will forget this day.....

Me and my dad show up around 9ish to the pier. We're late as usual, because my dad never liked getting there early. I always complained about that, since the bait usually takes off shortly after the sun rises in the winter months. Anyway, our friends/extended family have been on the pier catching bait and setting up since dawn. So they've got several 5 gallon buckets ( with holes cut into them ) hanging in the water suspended from the railing full of live bait. My dad insists on catching blue runners, so he grabs the squid and proceeds to the end of the pier to drive our friends nuts. My dad was never the greatest fisherman, he usually got tangled with anyone and everyone around him. Everyone usually shrugged it off due to how friendly and apologetic he was. After a couple of hours, me and my everyone else was having a decent time. Each of us on the end of the pier that day had caught at least 2 to 3 legal macks. My dad, having exhausted himself by catching a bucket full of blue runners. He wanted to try and catch a mack like we did.

Now comes the interesting part, my friend's dad, takes my dad's pole and rigs it for mack. 5 ounce sinker + 4 foot leader with a blue long shank hook at the end and a fluorescent bobber about halfway down the leader. He then proceeds to place the largest live herring I have ever seen on my dad's setup. He even casts it for him and gives the rod to my dad. My dad doesn't move from that spot while holding the rod for about 15mins. All the while me and the rest of the guys are sitting down behind him watching our poles and admiring his googanes. They gave him that large a bait because they figured nothing would hit it and my dad didn't really know any better. So anyway, after the 15mins, I go up to my dad and tell him to sit down and relax like we all were. He sets his rod down, sits down, and starts shooting the s*** with everyone.

Not 5 mins later his rod starts to bend downward, tip first, hard! He gets up and starts running towards the rod but it's too late. He never opened the bail, he didn't know how to. All he did was flick the anti-reverse switch. Suffice to say it wasn't enough and the rod got pulled over the railing. About 10 secs later my rod starts screaming. I grab it, tighten the bail and start to fight. I then realize that it's my dad's rod that's tangled on my line! Once I get it up high enough to where it's within his reach he grabs it out of my hand and starts fighting the fight of his life with the spincasting reel upside down. After a few minutes, his catch is close enough to the pier that we can all see what he's got on. It turned out to be a HUGE Kingfish. Once we got it up, we took it to the pier's bait shop and had it weighed. 22lbs!

Suffice to say, that day was on our tongues for quite some time.

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Re: Two Rods one Kingfish...

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Awesome story, Laz....thanks for sharing!! :cheers:

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Re: Two Rods one Kingfish...

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Ha. That's great. Fantastic story. Thanks for sharing it
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