Hello and is this forum active?

This is the area where you may introduce yourself and let others know a little about you.
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Hello and is this forum active?

Post by fisheye40 »

hello everyone.

I am in Miami Beach, getting started with fishing, with my son as well he is 10. found this forum, will do more research , I already found another fisherman from this area.

is this forum active?

looking. for spots, techniques and. Buddys.



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Re: Hello and is this forum active?

Post by BoatlessFisherman »

Not as active as it once was thats for sure, but if you have a question we will answer and still some reports come in, but there is a lot of info from the many years it has been here and it may pick up a little in a month as the fishing will pick up as we move into fall.
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Re: Hello and is this forum active?

Post by krash »

Its Alive, active not so much... some of us still stop by once in a while, but most seem to have moved on to other social media type places.

This used to be the defacto standard forum for Boatless fishing type's.

Unfortunately I've been sidelined for medical reasons for a while, but hope to be back fishing agin some day in the near or distant future. Fro now though I'm not cleared to touch fish for fear of being finned, bitten, or stuck by a hook...

I can however answer questions... do you fresh water fish or salt water ??

I never did much salty stuff, at least not by foot, but fresh I have done for many years but most of it in Broward County.
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