First Bull Shark

This area is for Shark'in Reports from all over, These reports must be catch and Release if you've gone shark'in put them here. All photos of sharks must be alive, there will be no tolerance for Photos of Dead Sharks.

Oh no are there sharks at the beach?
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First Bull Shark

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Wasnt really shark fishing went on sealegs3 last night for my birthday and I was bringing up big grunts back to back when I feel my rod bend with power I have never felt before it was intense. Than the senator starts smoking line like I have never seen before, I knew what I had on the other end of my chicken righ with 60 mono was stronger than me. Im 6ft over 200 pounds and I feel like this thing is going to pull me over the rail. After 30 minutes of getting my ass kicked I am sweating profusively and cramping. All everyone sees is all white thats when the captain said its a Big Bull Shark belly had to be atleast 300 pounds and 6-7 ft long. It was amazing to experience that I am still a little sore :roll: but all worth it. Wish one of my friends would have took a pic!

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Re: First Bull Shark

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Congrats on the first, it's definitely a feeling you can get hooked on :wink:

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