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This area is for Shark'in Reports from all over, These reports must be catch and Release if you've gone shark'in put them here. All photos of sharks must be alive, there will be no tolerance for Photos of Dead Sharks.

Oh no are there sharks at the beach?
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big lemon

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hit up dania beach with my buddy last week to try and get a shark off the beach, the first bait was deployed about a quarter to 7 and the second just after 7pm. nothing touched either baits for about an hour until the clicker on my international briefly went off, prob just a ray or something else that bumped into my line, the brick was still attached to the hook so we waited on into the night, about an hour after that my clicker this time really went off hard and very fast! I strapped on the fighting belt and shoulder harness and the second i tightened the drag to allow the circle hook to hook him good I began a timer on my phone to see how long the fight would last, I knew it would take awhile as I had deployed the bait far off the beach into pretty deep water, with 22 minutes gone on the clock I handed the rod over to my buddy and he fought it for a few minutes to allow my tired arms to regain some strength :mrgreen: I did however finish the fight. Me, my buddy and a couple curious bystanders finally saw the dorsal break the surface close to the 40 min mark. At 37 minutes, we all grabbed the beast by its tail and hauled her up onto the beach, the grueling struggle was finally over, a hard 37 minute fight resulted in my biggest lemon shark and my biggest shark catch to date, as soon as it was landed my buddy and I quickly took some pictures, cut the cable and quickly proceeded to pull her back into the water, the shark was still full of energy and ready to go, the second we got her into only ankle deep water she began to kick hard and thrash which was the green light to let her go, we saw her rocket off into the dark waters, another strong release! it was an amazing night and an excellent team effort.
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