Bull on Spinning from the beach (report 1 of 3)

This area is for Shark'in Reports from all over, These reports must be catch and Release if you've gone shark'in put them here. All photos of sharks must be alive, there will be no tolerance for Photos of Dead Sharks.

Oh no are there sharks at the beach?
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Bull on Spinning from the beach (report 1 of 3)

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So we spent the past 6 days in Florida shark fishing from the beach. In total we caught a tiger shark, a lemon shark, a bull shark, and a hammerhead. I have footage of all the sharks I'm releasing on my YouTube channel each week. The first video is from our first night. I ended up catching a solid bull on spinning tackle which was a lot of fun. Friends of mine also caught a hammer on this night but I didn't film it. The bull ate a catfish while the hammer ate a cownose ray. Here's the video of the bull:

https://youtu.be/gArGhITKlzE :reeling:

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