Obamacare> By morning

This off topic area is for Politics, Religion and all the talk that gets people in a ruffle. All be tolerant of each others opinions. Remember that is all it is "OPINIONS"
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Re: Obamacare> By morning

Post by fishnfool73 »

That was pretty awesome. It would be funnier if the truth wasn't so frightening.
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Re: Obamacare> By morning

Post by durnik00 »

Great post, enjoyed the hell out of that performance. Pretty amused at some of the angry reactions that it got too!

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Tucker - Team Impact

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Re: Obamacare> By morning

Post by bunun »

whenever i see people boo hoo about people complaining about something is racist, it usually is.

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Re: Obamacare> By morning

Post by chris21 »

more people signed a petition for the US to build a freaking death star than people signing up for obamacare, what a fail! don't know about you but if the US were to build a death star from star wars things would get really messy, really fast :mrgreen:

That is great new I am going to start shooting wamp rats from my landcruiser to get ready to shoot that thing out of the sky to the joy the the entire Republic.... may the Force be with me
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