Bad news for whales and dolphins: Navy to expand sonar tests

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Bad news for whales and dolphins: Navy to expand sonar tests

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Are you fuqing kidding me? With all the technology we have this is the best way to do this? And people wonder why I am anti government. I think we need to put ALL politicians under the water when they conduct these tests. I am NOT A PETA FAN, but this is ABSURD! ... 2D11749987?
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Re: Bad news for whales and dolphins: Navy to expand sonar t

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I've heard numerous times that submarine sonar was to blame for these strandings. It sounds plausible to anyone who has never served on a sub. Being that I served 4 years and did 3 western pacific deployments I can tell you subs are definitely not to blame. In those 4 years we went active sonar maybe once. The point of a submarine is stealth so emitting sonar would just give away ones position, defeating the point of a sub. I can't speak for the surface fleet but my point is that a lot of this is speculation by people who don't have security clearances to even know what type of operations the military do or the technology used. My girlfriend the marine biologist and dolphin trainer said the necropsy of most beached whales revealed brain parasites they blamed for the beachings. Once one gets beached, they others often try to help and wind up beached themselves because their social bonds are so strong.

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