Clinton is a disgrace...

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Clinton is a disgrace...

Post by Ice » ... spartandhp

I personally loved watching all the MSM people meltdown and whine and cry when trump won. Liberals will never be able to accept it. Yet I remember Hillary saying something about how if trump supporters don't accept the results of the election, they are un-American. Go figure...

some of my favorite meltdowns by MSM...

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Re: Clinton is a disgrace...

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She's a mess, so is MSM, so is Washington swampers, make me sick... Twas sick from the Clintons 20 years ago, go away. Please, cellfish...
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Re: Clinton is a disgrace...

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Clinton’s a disgrace? Let’s look shall we?
Trump when asked about contacting the family’s of the fallen in Niger said he’ll call at some point.
Now instead of dropping it there and moving on without causing a scandal, trump knowing lies about other presidents. He said no other president did this which was a demonstrable lie. Then when later pressed, he claimed he was told that, and Obama never called John Kelly. While true, as anyone anywhere near Washington or a frigging television knows Obama honered Kelly at the fallen White House dinner.
Then he finally contacts Johnson’s widow and inadvertently says something stupid. With no less than 3 witnesses to the phone call (on speaker in a car) he then denies ever saying it and is promptly rebuked by all 3.

Then he sends Kelly into the fray with bad information about Wilson and a well respected solder and gold star father is made out to be a liar.

Wilson on the other hand has yet to be proven wrong. So they go after her veteran voting record. That backfired epically because her votes were against what she saw as completely insufficient funding and staffing being perpetuated. The whole party voted against the bills in question because they were short measures.

This nutsac called Nazis “Good people”. Don’t think you can get more disgraceful than that.

Clinton’s a horrible candidate but how is it possible republicans were unable to find any legal wrongdoing in 4 years and 7 investigations! Clinton Foundation is clean. Goudy never found a thing. Even tampering with evidence backfired on him. Now he wants to try again. Difference is now she can tell Goudy and republicans to F/Off! She owes them nothing.

And now we know through leaked emails that the whole time trump was denying any involvement with Russia during the campagin, he was in fact negotiating the trump Moscow hotel with oligarchs connected to Putin. Safe to say he’s been lying all along since Russia has beep his sole finance source since 94.
But I’m sure that’s just another coincidence.

Trump is a notorious con man. He’s been lying with complete impunity for so long he can’t control himself. He knows he’s lying and doesn’t care. His followers believe evsry word he says like gospel. He calls
the media who constantly expose his lies, fake. They’re running tape. How’s that fake?

Still waiting for him to act on the Russia sanctions. Why do you think he’s delaying sanctioning the country that helped him win?

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