Venice fishin'

Fish must have been caught using Artificals, after November 1, 2006.
Please let us know the tackle you used, and the artificial. Please post pictures with you, fish, and tackle if possible.
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Venice fishin'

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If successful, this, my second post is sort of a test- and shows some results of both jetty fishing and yak fishing in Venice, FL.
I hope this works.

Well, it DIDN'T work!

Admin., I need help to do the uploading. Tell me how, please.
I usually use Photobucket or IPhoto for other sites. Neither one works here. I'm told-my files are too big.
My wife and I can't ge my photos that small.



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Re: Venice fishin'

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Welcome Bill :toast: Try I've had good luck with it.
Nice Boat! Now get it outa my driveway!

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