Keys fishing April 16-30

Ask your question Here, remember to include the important stuff like, What gear, area you are in, and so on.
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Keys fishing April 16-30

Post by fishnfool73 »

In the Keys for next two weeks. Hit me up if anyone is heading down
Dreaming the dream that one day I can be as good as some of the boatless pros and catch some 12 inch mangrove snapper.

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Re: Keys fishing April 16-30

Post by clarence2society »

yo im here workin tonight and tomorrow night 8 to 4. i actually packed my gear for the first time since dec and my ex takin off on me heh. douche... anyway was gonna go out this am but weather was crap.. im at woodys all night next two nights. and i am workin monday as well so im staying til i get off at 2 am mon or tues morning.. depending on my court appearance i may actually not go home this week so im ready to fish!! wanted to go get a permit but i saw last night season closed april 1st WTH?!?

ill be able to fish for sure the next couple days between work and ill be free all day sunday pretty much... hit me up man let me know your plan.. most likely im not gonna go home til next sun not worth the money in gas or tolls heh

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