Pier Fishing essentials

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Pier Fishing essentials

Postby Chasinpoons » Tue May 07, 2019 2:04 pm

Good afternoon everyone,

I just recently moved to broward county Florida and I want to start fishing some of the piers on the east coast. I wanted to know what Is a good pier net to use and what is the best way to fish the pier? fish finder rig or freeline? and weather. :reeling:
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Re: Pier Fishing essentials

Postby Laz1287 » Thu May 16, 2019 10:33 am

When you say pier net, do you mean one used to bring up a caught fish? If so, I'm not aware of any restrictions on those on any pier I've visited. Now, if you mean a cast net for catching bait, then those aren't allowed on almost any pier down here.

How you rig your line depends heavily on what species you're targeting and on whether or not you're fishing an area with reef or sand on the bottom.

Which weather is best also depends on what species you're after. Although fishing milky slightly wavy water has always given me the best results. Fishing on a clear calm day may be beautiful, but those are usually the days I catch the least amount of fish.

There's just so many variables involved, that no one can give you a simple answer. But keep this in mind, if fishing a sandy bottom, use the fish finder rig. And if you're fishing a rocky bottom, then freeline or use a bobber to keep your bait off the reef.
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