Channel 2 Bridge, Craig key
Mile Marker 73 Overseas Hwy,Islamorada, FL.
33036 on the Ocean

Channel two bridge Islamorada Craig key Key West
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This bridge depth is from 8ft to 18ft, Most are 10ft to 14 ft deep. Current changes take anywhere from 4 hours to 6 and do not normaly happen at tide changes.
Fishing this bidge I have found the incoming current to be the best but you can still get alot of fish on the outgoing.

Night Time Fishing
Tarpon are found all along the bridge but really concentrated in the center of the channel.
Live baits are always here. At night, drop a lantern and chum a little while and they will come, use sabikis or net to catch them.
The tarpon can't refuse them. Live shrimp tossed out to the bay on the out going will get you a strike when the bait gets back to the bridge, they will almost always hit straight up and down. You can use jig baits the same way.
Grouper and Snapper are found more towards the center at night time and early morning. I prefer to use fresh Pilchard heads or Live bait on a bottom rig, best time to catch is incoming. Sharks all night long and can be tiring, I have seen nights were the amount of fish on was too many to count.

Day Time fishing
Yellowtail snapper on the outgoing and in the day time. I use a light rod with 40 leader to small hook #4 and split shot so it will sink slowly on the outgoing, bait is live shrimp or small fresh summer bait head, fish open bail and when that tail strikes, the line will zip off. You need to be about 50 to 150 feet under the bridge. Barracuda, Mackerel, Blue runners are also in this area.

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Common Catches
Snapper "All Year" Snook "All Year" Barracuda "All Year"
Cobia "? you never know" Permit Blue Runners "All Year"
Bluefish "Spring, Fall, Winter" SHARK "All Year" Mackerl "Summer"
Grouper Tarpon Baitfish

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