Well if not get geared up, the fish are arriving and I would suggest to be ready.

The smaller migratory species started it and the maturer ones come just after. These will be bigger and a lot more fun.

There has been Juvi Pompano with keepers every so often on browards beaches, Bluefish are moving in, Snook in the troughs, Tarpon are passing heading south in small pods of 6 to 8 and most are over 100lbs,  Spanish Mackerel have moved back into the shallows now but we should see more once the water Temps make a more permanent drop.

Snapper bite has been pretty good with nice size Mutton snapper and some big Mangroves, day time some nice Yellowtail snapper in the shallows and off the piers.

The mullet are flowing south and I am still seeing now and some pilchards around also I have started to see the Sardines pass heading south, a few pods of Goggle eyes around the piers.

I would bet that on the next good NE wind the bite picks up and if we could get an early cold front this would just help to kick it in to full gear.

So be ready to do some fishing, reline, stock up and prepare to catch some fish if you have the time.