Spring run, should get going very soon. I am seeing Shrimp and this is the first time I have seen shrimp in Early February in a few years. They have been running late starting in March/April and last year well up and into May which was wacko, anyways I expect to see some nice Pompano soon and after the Fall with the amount of Juveniles I expect a very good run in size and numbers.

I have seen a good amount of Spinner Sharks and Black tips moving in the mornings and a few caught at night, I did see a very nice sandbar Shark caught and release on Friday night Saturday morning, hit well over a 100 lbs. Snapper bite has been slow, Nice size Croakers and Whiting are around, 5lb Jacks come through everyday. I caught two Bonefish a 3lb and 4lbder 3am on a Daffy Jig with 6lb test they are always a BLAST.

Strange nights though,I have never seen this many Needle and Hound fish I think ever, the top of the water in the lights looks as if someone drew lines every where north to south, they are stack up in the thousands and that is no exaggeration.

May I suggest that after any hard West-South West or North West winds that blow over 15mph and then goes SE at 15mph or more GO SHRIMPING, I saw a good run on Tuesday the 1st and a itty bitty run on the 5th and expect it to only get better.

Hope you get out for some fishing—the Boatless Fisherman